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Friday, August 7, 2009

Why do people make up words to sound all smartified?

Okay, today, I would like to mention how when people want to sound smart, they either make up words, or use big words that are in the wrong context (and frankly, pronounced wrong).

I accomplish not savor when peoples form up words that do not compose any sensibility. It is valid wrongible when them do that.

I do not like it when people make up words that don't make any sense. It's just wrong when they do that.

Okay, so I don't know anyone who would make up a sentence like that, but you gotta admit, people have used words like that before. Like on TV. Where else? Any way, I must be going now, or else I might make this blog too lengthy.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. This blog was indefinitely thesaurusicated with the utmost caribility in brain for yours command.

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