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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Printers are EVIL!!!

Alright, I don't want to make this blog too long, but I just had to say, printers are evil!!! They are! They're evil! Did you happen to notice that whenever you're trying to use a printer, they don't work! No-matter how often we buy a new one, they never work. In fact, we just bought a printer not too long ago, and it doesn't even work again. There's always something wrong with it. It has a paper jam, it's out of ink, we have the wrong size of paper, it has a paper jam. The list goes on and on. And evidently, this is a universal thing. When you're watching TV, the characters have trouble with their printer. When you're talking to a friend, they complain that their printer broke. I think it's a conspiracy. A conspiracy that the people who make printers make them wrong, and just keep raking in the dough, because we have to buy new parts all the time, or we just give in and buy a whole new printer. And when the manufacturers gain enough money, they'll use it to buy a whole chain of Starbucks, and then they'll rake in the dough even more, and then they'll become best-buds with rich people all over the world, and because they're greedy, they'll make a deal with the devil, and then take over the world! And they'll be too greedy to keep their end of the deal (with the devil), and then the devil will send hell hounds up to get them, and the hell hounds will take them to hell, and kill them, and then the world will be free from their slavery (because of course they would do that. Make us all their slaves, and order us to build a huge castle, that is), but we'll be too stupid to just go back to the way it was before, and instead we'll just run around and fight each other and steal things and stuff, to see who will be the new rulers of the earth, and then we'll all just die, because we killed each other!!! (sigh...)
Okay, yeah. I'm being paranoid. But hey, it could happen. You never know!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Sorry, this blog was slightly longer than I thought it would be...I just I got a little out-of-hand...

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