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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

House: Massage Therapy

Okay, I just wanted to do a very brief overview of last night's House episode. First of all, might I just say, it was awesome as usual. Second, I liked it because this time they addressed the fact that House and Cuddy were still procrastinating over the whole moving-on-to-the-next-step thing. In this case, it was Cuddy letting House spend the night at her place, and House giving up his old massage therapist because she was a hooker. Literally. Plus, the whole thing with the patient was really cool because he totally made the connection and diagnosed her so easily without hardly any help. It was fun, because they were trying out a new female doctor on the team, and she was totally stupid, and she had just finished a residency in psychiatry, but she could not see that the patient was actually just Schizophrenic and that all her symptom's were caused by the medication she was taking to handle that. No, instead House, the one who was not all into psychology, figures it out himself in one brilliant light-bulb moment. Anyway, so in the end House gives up his massage therapist, and Cuddy lets him spend the night, and have dinner with her and her daughter Rachel and everything. Cuddy leaves the room for a brief moment at dinner, and Rachel grabs House's cane and puts it in her mouth, and he gets all worked up and gets it back and wipes it off, and then he's all, "aren't you just the cutest thing" even though he was clearly being sarcastic. It's kind of lame how bad he really is with kids, but next week supposedly he's going to babysit Rachel, so that should be interesting, and let's hope that he bonds with her and gets over his thing about kids. Yay! So all and all, it was still awesome, and I can hardly wait till next Monday as usual!
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Big Bro!

Today my brother turns twenty-one. I know, right? It's really quite a big deal, and I can't believe it's happening! Today he has the right as an American citizen to drink a beer with his buddies, or like he wants to do today, with his parents. It's kind of cool, if you think about it, how one day you are not allowed to drink, and the next, poof, you can drink. Well, I wish only the very best to my brother today, and I hope he has a blast with his carne asada for dinner and his beer.

Happy 21st Birthday!!!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

House: Unwritten

Alright, so I was too tired to do this last night, but HOLY CRAP THIS EPISODE WAS SO BLOODY AWESOME IT WAS EVEN BETTER THAN THE LAST ONES WERE AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so I am so liking this new dynamic with House being happy with Cuddy and everything. It's actually really fun! This time he was trying to find something that he and Cuddy had in common, because he thinks that once the honeymoon stage of the relationship is over, she's going to realize that they have nothing in common and dump him. He took her go-cart racing, and that was fun til she lost to Wilson's girlfriend Sam and hurt her neck. The funniest part of those scenes was when House avenged his girlfriend by beating Sam's butt in the race. And how he beat her? He used his cane to unplug her go-cart. He totally cheated, but it was bloody hilarious! In the end Cuddy told House that they didn't need anything in common but each other, and that she liked their relationship the best because it was not common.
Also a really great thing about this episode was that the patient was a famous author, and House was totally obsessed with her books. He even went so far as to steal the lady's typewriter ribbon and send it through an MRI to see what was written on it, and then print it all out and put it together to read her latest book. And the best part? He mostly diagnosed her using nothing but her book, and how she wrote it for the characters. It was sweet. And not, "awe, isn't that sweet?" more like, "holy crap that was sweet!". I think the funniest part though was at the very end, he was talking to the patient that he had just healed, and he was all upset because she didn't answer anything for any of the characters in the end of her book, and she planned on not writing any more books for that series. So he was all, "you have to finish it better!" and she was all, "I think my ending was perfect because each person who reads it can come up with their own ending", and let me just tell you I agree with House, thank you very much! I hate it when an author ends it without answering any questions, because then you just wonder forever and ever and you never get an answer and it SUCKS! Anyway, so House was pissed because of what she said, and like he always does when someone hurts him, he was planning on hurting her back. He was going to tell her that her son (who she based her main character off of, and who died in a car crash and that's why she was sick) didn't have aneurysm like he originally told her, but then he saw Cuddy in the background watching, and he switched gears and said that her son was very luck to have a mother like her! It was so strange, really, that he completely stopped his track of evilness because he wanted to be a better man for Cuddy! Amazing...Anyways, as House left the patient's room, Cuddy said that he did a really good thing in there, and House just kept walking saying "shut up" as he went, causing Cuddy to smile fondly and me to friggin' laugh my fool butt off as I watched. It was truly epic, and if this season continues to go like this, I am going to be soooo sad when it finally ends...But at least if it ends good, I won't be pissed off that House is miserable and they ended it horribly. So anyway, I loved this episode. It might just be my favorite episode now.
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