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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My top hottest guys

Okay, so I accidentally came across a hot vampire poll when searching for Angel seasons, and the guys they all thought were totally hot got me thinking: I know of some actors that are totally more hot than the guys they think are hot. So to prove my point, I have found some pictures of ten different guys that are totally hot, and I would like to know your opinion on who you think is the hottest out of my hotties. I for one can not pick between my hottest of hotties, so help me out here. Now, I must warn you, before continuing, you might want to get a few tissues for the drool, and take a deep breath. Also, I should add that these pictures are in no particular order, so don't go thinking that I'm playing favorites by the placing of said pictures. And it's pretty long, but completely worth it.

1: Johnny Depp

Who doesn't like the pirate look?

Voted worlds sexiest man alive, twice.

2: David Boreanaz

Now's the time for the tissues, to sop up the drool.

Who doesn't love a hot brooding vampire? I know I do.
Speaking of vamps...

3: Peter Facinelli

I don't know about you, but I think I need a doctor.

Now I know I need a doctor...

4: Robert Pattinson

But of course I could not bring up the Cullen's without including vamp-hunk Edward.

Some girls say he looks too girly. Does this look girly to you? (hint: NO)

5: Jackson Rathbone

Out of all the Cullen guys though, Jasper just doesn't get enough credit for being a total hotty. Not anymore though, thanks to me.

Bad Jasper, we love you!

6: Aiden Turner

Ah, yet another hot vamp...Although not from Twilight, instead BBC's Being Human.

What is it with vampires being so hot, anyway? I swear they're all hotties these days...Not that I'm complaining.

7: Sean Connery

Ah, one of the classics...And my Mum's personal fav (this is for you, Mum!).

Mum says he's one of those hotties who just keep getting better with age.

8: David Tennant

"Barty Crouch Jr. Deemed Lickable", reads the Daily Prophet.

"To be, or not to be". I don't know, but you could just keep asking till I do!

Why Doctor, you look good for 900 some-odd years! (Sorry, couldn't show David Tennant without a Doctor Who reference)

9: Julian McMahon

No wonder Phoebe went gaga over Cole Turner for so long...(Charmed reference, it's all I got)

It's always the bad boys, I'm telling ya...

And finally, 10: Matt Bomer

Voted sexiest uprising star.

Not even Neal Caffrey could forge those looks...

And that's it. Wow, you're very lucky I got all the way through that without blushing my way into a corner to hide in...Yes, I know a good hotty when I see one (obviously, have you not seen the lineup I have?), and I'm not afraid to point it out, but posting it online where friends and family can all see it? A tad embarrassing. But I got through it, and now I feel better.
Okay, so I'll put a poll at the bottom of my blog, and you can vote for whichever guy you think is the hottest of hotties (from my selection).
Now go drink some cold water!
-Miss Eccentric.


  1. LOL... you're right, this did cheer me up a bit. :) And we have very similar taste in men! Especially the top 3. :D

  2. You missed a few for the older crowd, You got Sean Conery, but how about , Harrison Ford, Tom Sellick of course I have not seen Tom Sellick in a while he may not be a hottie any more. Of your list I'd have to say David Boreanaz and Johnny Depp. The others are to young for me I've always liked the older Hotties. BBB

  3. Well, I thought about putting those guys in, but it's been done so much I just thought I'd try putting somewhat unknown hotties in my list, you know? I mean, the classics are the classics, but I wanted to showcase some of the newer hotties, give them a chance to shine, haha. I'll have to think about doing a "hotty list of classic hotties" later on.