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Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday was my best bud's fifteenth birthday, so tomorrow...We're all going to Disneyland to celebrate! Unfortunately for us, our timing is quite off, since there's supposed to be a storm this weekend...But, at least we're all going to be together, which is really all that counts I suppose. I mean, we're going to celebrate Mr. Whiskers' fifteenth birthday, so it doesn't really matter where we go to do it. Although, if the rain lets up, we're most likely going to go swimming in a hotel pool (did I mention that the birthday boy and some friends are staying at the Disney Resort? No? That's probably because I unfortunately can't stay over night, as me and my family have plans for Sunday...). My Mum says that it wouldn't be a good idea to swim in the rain (like we did the time before last when Mr. Whiskers invited us to Disney for his birthday), because we could get hit by lightning. You know, 'cause lightning is attracted to water, and all that. And yes, I know that the chance of getting hit by lightning in a hotel pool at Disneyland is very very slim, but you never know, it could happen! Mum says that if I did get hit by lightning, at least she would get a hefty amount of compensation from Disney. She says that if they don't have a sign up at the pool warning you not to swim in the rain, she could sue them. I find this not only hilarious, but actually worth getting hit by lightning for. You see, if I get hit by lightning and die, it will be most likely instantly, therefore no pain, and my family gets a bunch of money for it. If I get hit by lightning and survive, no harm no foul, and me and my family still get a bunch of money. Win-win, no?
(Don't worry if you didn't laugh, my family's sense of humor is quite dark. Especially mine)
Anyway, I'm actually quite glad that we're not going into the park. And I know, you're probably thinking right now, "what?!? It's Disneyland! What is wrong with you?!? Everyone loves Disneyland!!!" But you would be wrong on that standpoint. Because I think that the kind of people who don't like Disneyland are either emo's, who don't like anything cheery (I'll admit that that is partly the reason for which I do not like Disneyland that much, although that is because I just don't like cheery that much, not because I'm emo), or, someone who has a lot of phobias. And I'm one of those people.
Shall I list the most important phobias related to the subject of not liking Disneyland? Well, there's that thing where I don't like germs. I really don't like germies. Their gross, and you would not believe the crap you could catch at a high traffic place like Disneyland. The germs are like the size of a bus or something (No offense to BBB, I do not classify your big damn bus of a home as one big germ. In fact, you're both very clean from what I've seen). And yes, the maintenance people at Disneyland wipe things down every hour, but just think of how many snot-nosed kids can wipe their boogers on ride seat belts, or bars or whatever in an hour. You're scared now, right? Well, you should be.
Then we have the classic fear of heights. This is a common one, but it doesn't mean that I'm still not scared to death to get on one of those stupid roller coasters.
And last but surely not least, we have claustrophobia. This can be very much a problem when you have to stuff yourself into a very small seat and then ride through a very dark amusement ride and then drop down an unexpected dip. This sort of ride kind of includes all three major phobias of mine, the small dark seating, the germs from the last few hundred people who rode before me, and the falling down a large drop. Which sucks, and eliminates quite a few rides, really (for me at least). Then I'm just the party-pooper who sits by the sidelines waiting for everyone else to get off the rides, which also sucks quite a lot. So let's just say that I'm not too disappointed that we're most likely not going into the park.
Any-ways...That's all folks!!! I'll be sure to update tomorrow night and let ya'll know how much fun I had that you didn't! Hehe...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Besides, am I the only one who hates chipper people? Oh wait, I've already touched on that...Oh well, saying it twice will only get the point across faster. Also, It's A Small World drives me nuts, 'cause then I'm sharing the joy for two weeks afterwords with that stupid song.


  1. Happy Birthday to Mr. Whiskers, and have fun at rat world Dizzy-land whatever. I am not to fond of the place either, last time we were there, half the rides were closed on both sides California rip off and rat-land and they don't give discount's to anyone, Veterans, No one. We complained and the person that talked to I sure was one of the Animatronic, pretty blond, all smiles, we new no mater what we said, it only went as far as her. But just before we left I told her that if it were not for the veterans that Dizzy-land would be called Nazi- World.

  2. Haha, is that the animatronic lady you guys told us about, who said she would enter your complaint or whatever into her computer but she made no move to type it in? If not, even so that's funny, and I so don't blame you for not liking Dizzyland.

  3. Oh yeah, do you like that fast pass crap they have or do they still have that,at Dizzyland. Number One it was confusing and two it did not seem fair to all the other people that stood in line to wait for their turn on a ride. And you had to plan your whole day around the time of rides. And just one more thought you mention swimming and getting hit by lightning, if you get hit by lightning and live, you have a bigger chance of being hit again,and again. Oh and Dissylands lawyer would call it an act of God and not pay anything. Just saying, you might rethink about getting zapped.

  4. That's okay, I didn't get zapped anyway. And last time I checked about the fast-passes (two years ago, because I didn't go into the park this time and don't know if it's any different since then), they totally sucked because first of all, EVERYONE had caught on about them and therefore were buying them, and that backed-up the fast-pass lane worse than the regular one, but they also had weird rules, like you could only use them a certain amount of times, on certain rides, at certain times of the day. Which sucks, so their truly not worth the extra money. At least, they weren't two years ago when we went for Mr. Whiskers' birthday last. They could be different now, like they were when Mum and Dad had season passes for us all. They were cool then, because you could get a fast-pass that worked on every ride, and practically no one knew about them yet so they truly were worth the money. But I doubt that they changed back to the way they were then.