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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OMG, Olympics!!! And first Vlog.

Why have I not covered the Olympics yet? I mean, I blog, so why haven't I even mentioned something as big as the Winter Olympics? What is wrong with me? Maybe because I can never remember what the hell happened...
Anyway, I just wanted to bring up the woman's figure skating from last night (was it last night? I don't know now, I watched whatever it was that we recorded on our DVR last night, so...). More specifically, I wanted to bring up Joannie Rochette, one of the skaters for Canada. And yeah, I know since I live in America that I should be rooting for USA, but I felt for this girl, and I can't help but wish that she will do well. I don't think she placed last night, but her performance was beautiful, and her story was heartbreaking. And yeah, yeah, I know I gripe about cry-ee shows, but this one snuck up on me, and I couldn't help but cry like a little baby. This is why: Joannie Rochette's mother died just days before, yet she still sucked it up and skated. I started crying the moment before she stepped on the ice to perform, because she looked as if she was going to cry herself. Then she skated, and they say it was her personal best performance ever. The moment she was done, she burst into tears. And not just the happy, relieved kind of tears that you get when you know you've done something right. These were the gut-wrenching kind that almost made it so though she could just barely make it off the ice. I blubbered like a total wimp, and I'm not ashamed to say so. And no matter what place she gets this Olympics, I will always remember her as the best skater out there. Hell, the best skater I have ever seen. You go Joannie, don't go for the gold, but do it for your mom!!! And I'm almost positive that she is so very proud of you!!!

And on another note...
I have created and posted my very first Video Log (or Vlog) on YouTube ever!!! Yay!!! Here it is:

Okay, so it's really, really stupid, but that's my specialty, isn't it? I plan on making any future Vlogs way better than that, but I just wanted to get the feel of how to record using my webcam, and how to edit the video and stuff, so now that I understand how to do it, my videos will be awesomely awesomer than this one. And yes I know that awesomer is not a word. But I don't care, because that's the best way I can think to express my feelings of awesomeness. Hey, that's weird, spell-check seems to think that awesomeness is actually a word. Which is funny, because I could have sworn that awesomeness was totally a made up word. Apparently not.
Okay, that's it for now!!!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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