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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Once in a blue moon

Hey, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've just been busy with my new short story on my other blog, and other things. Anyway, I just thought it was cool that for this new year, we have a Blue moon coming. On New Year's eve, we will have a Blue moon, which comes around once in a Blue moon (heh heh...). A Blue moon is when there is a Full moon twice in one month, according to the current definition of the phrase. Although from what I understand, a real Blue moon was defined as an extra Full moon in a season. Because season's have three Full moon's, I guess when there was a fourth, they named the third in that season a Blue moon. Blue moon's these days come around once every two or three years, and a Blue moon that occurs twice in a year comes around four to five times every one hundred years. The last Blue moon was in May 2007. I think this is all cool, but I'm a sucker for full moons and blue moons and whatnot.
Anyway, don't worry, I will be posting again this New year's eve, so...Okay that's all I got for now.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Some gifts should never be gifts.

Have you ever gotten a gift that is just plain not meant to be a gift? Ever? We all know what I'm talking about. Like the over-sized granny-panties you get from sweet old grandma, or the bottle of wine that you gave to so-and-so, when really he/she is an alcoholic. Well, here's some advice for people who happen to gift like that:

Grannies: Your grandchildren love you, but they do not want underwear for Christmas. Ever. Unless they specifically ask for it. Also, they do not want socks. So instead of those things, why don't you talk to your children and ask them what the grandchildren want. If you have no idea what they are talking about ("my daughter wants an Ipod touch". People, grandparents don't understand what an Ipod touch is), then give the kid some money. You don't have to go all out and give them a hundred dollars or even fifty, twenty bucks should suffice. Also, you might as well just stay away from buying any clothing at all, sense kids these days only wear what their friends think are "cool", and sorry to say but grannies don't know what kids think are "cool".

The single uncle (we all have one): Do not rummage around in your car at the last minute for an old sticky gift card for a church shop, which consists of five bucks (which at a church store can't buy anything, literally). Instead, you can either slip some money in their ("their" being niece/nephew) card (no less than ten bucks, don't be a cheapskate), or you could ask for a wish list, or merely ask the parents what they want. Do not try to be all "cool" and give them something that is inappropriate for their age, instead buy them a video game or something, which is rated E for Everyone. Do not buy them a game like Grand Theft Auto, which is completely inappropriate.

For anyone buying a gift for a child and/or teenager: When in doubt, ask them what they want. They will ramble on and on about all the cool stuff they want, and if you memorize a few, you may just find something that's not five hundred dollars at the electronics shop. Also, if they ask specifically for a certain model or color for whatever item they wanted, you better remember what they said, because they will freak if they don't get their hot pink DS Lite. If you don't have the patience to sit around trying to understand their teenage language, just give them money. You're always safe when you give them money, especially if you're not cheap about it.

For grown-ups buying gifts for other grown-ups: Gift baskets are great, but you better check what's in them, because if there's something they don't like or are allergic to or something in the basket, that would be a sucky gift. Stay away from gifting alcohol of any kind, unless you know for sure that they're not alcoholic. Don't buy anyone books, unless you know exactly which book the person wants. Because books are very personal, and they say a lot about people's personalities. Some people like the sugar-coated love stories, and some people (like me) like to read the dark stuff, the stuff that doesn't necessarily have a good ending. Some people like fiction, and some people like real-life stories. The point is, if you buy someone a book that you love, it doesn't mean that the person you give it to will love it too, you know? So just stay away from buying people books. Well, okay if it's a gag gift kind of book, or you just happen to know that they love that series and do not have that particular volume, then by all means go ahead.
But only if you know for sure what they want.

The best advice I can give for holiday gift-giving, is to just think about things that your friends or family like, and buy them something that relates to whatever it is they enjoy. And if you don't really know what they like, give them something nice, something homemade, something from your heart. They will love it even if they don't like it, if you know what I mean.
Also, to any family or friends who are reading this: You don't have to pay attention to this advice, anything any of you give me I love, and I wouldn't want you to change the gift giving styles that you already have. They work, and I have no complaints on anything I've gotten this Christmas.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Uncle and Aunt: thanks for the gift card to my favorite place on earth (well, at least one of them)!
To Uncle and Aunt in the big damn bus of a home: Thanks and I love you both, and hope to see you soon!
To Mum: Thanks for everything, you always know what I like!
To Dad: Thank you very much, I love everything you and Mum got me!
To Big bro: Thanks you little stinker, hope you enjoy what I got you as much as I enjoy what you got me!
To Nana: Thank you for the moola, now I can take that and the gift card I got and go on a paperback and/or hardbound shopping spree! Mmmm...Nothing better than the smell of paper, glue, and ink mixed in one magic little (or big) package.
To best friend (Mr. Whiskers): Thanks for everything, hope to see you again soon! Although you still owe me, ha ha.
To best friends mom who's like a second mom to me: Love ya, and hope everything with you works out okay! Keep your spirits up, we all need to hear you laugh!
To grandparents: Thanks, and Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Talking in his sleep

I'm about to go to bed after a long day of holiday stuffa (not a real word, I know), and I just remembered something funny my big bro did the other night. I know I've talked about him talking in his sleep before, so this is nothing new, but what he said this time was particularly hilarious.
Now, it was like, three-thirty or four AM, and I was still in bed with my book light on reading (it's a good book, and I don't get a lot of time to read lately), and all of the sudden I hear my brother talking. So a look up from my book and listen real carefully to hear what he's saying, and this is what I hear:
"*grunt* Can I have... *silence* Um...um....um...another water? *pause* Please?"
And no, I am not exaggerating the amount of "um"s. In fact, I actually cut a few out, because I didn't want to sound annoying. And even though it is a very quiet house here at night, and I knew that I could easily wake him up, I nearly burst into laughter right then, which would have ruined it, really. Because then he'd wake up and I wouldn't get a chance to see if he was going to say anything more.
So anyway, what was really funny about this was that before he said goodnight to me he was complaining that he was thirsty and saying that he was going to fill up a water bottle (the new metal kind) so he had it by his bed if he wanted more. So when I overheard him talking in his sleep, I almost thought that he might be talking to me. Then I realized, "why would he be talking to me, if he said he was going to get water before he went to sleep?" so I just ignored him and waited to see if he was going to talk again. I figured that if he was trying to talk to me, then he would speak up again if I didn't respond. Well, a few seconds of silence and I got my answer: he started snoring, therefore he was indeed asleep. And not the soft snore that's just like he's breathing heavily, but the snort kind where you end up waking yourself up. Only he didn't wake up to my knowledge.
Okay, so my big brother talking in his sleep may not sound very amusing to you, but I thought it was hilarious. Of course, that could just be because I was delirious from sleep deprivation, but whatever.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Have you ever had such a horrible nightmare that you wake in the middle of it to find that your heart is hammering and you can't move? That happened a few nights ago, and when I could move after a few seconds, I was all sluggish and stuff. It was awful. Do you ever get really bad nightmares like that? If so leave a comment, then maybe I won't feel like a weirdo with sleep paralysis or something.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I really don't like Christmas. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like getting presents and seeing the excitement when the people I love are opening presents from me, blah blah blah, and I love Jesus and am happy he was born, but really. He wasn't even born till March, anyway. Yeah, Jesus was born in March, not December. So why do we celebrate his birth December twenty-fifth each year? Because it was convenient for us. Okay, so that's probably not true, but whatever.
And if you think about it, all Christmas is about is stupid gifts like underwear that you did not ever want from your crazy grandma, annoying cousins you don't even know sending you letters bragging about their "sweet Molly who got her braces this year", or their "handsome Tommy who's on the chess team".
And yes (what a surprise), I also do not like the stupid end-of-year letters you get from family members who you can't even remember how they are related. All they do is brag about how cool their lives are compared to yours. Either that, or they brag about how their life sucks more than yours. But either way, they all suck. My personal favorite letter goes something like this, "Merry Christmas! Oh yeah, my husband died sometime in July. Hope you're doing well!"
Yeah, that's just what we want to hear at Christmas time. That your husband died month's ago and you are just now telling people. Also, thank you for making us go out and buy a condolence card at Hallmark during the busiest time of the year. We really appreciate the thought it took to make one little card ruin our Christmas.
I'm beginning to think that we should just celebrate Jesus' birth in March, and completely ignore Christmas day altogether.
But I have to say, to all the people I love (Mum, Dad, Bro, Nana, grandparents, uncle, uncle and aunt, uncle and aunt, best friend, best friends mom who's like second mom, Daisy, Bosco and Joey): I love you all lot's, and am happy that you are going to be here today to brighten up our Christmas. I think I might have gone mad if I hadn't known that you all would be here for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Happy Christmas, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Yes I know today is the twenty-second, but that's when company could make it, so don't judge. Also, to Best Friend: Sorry you couldn't make it...But ha ha you have some serious kissing-up to do for not coming. Muahahahahaha!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gamefaqs suck!

Okay, so I don't know if you've noticed, but when you use Gamefaqs to figure out how to do something in a game, you don't always get what you're looking for. For instance, when I was playing a Professor Layton game, and I couldn't figure out a certain puzzle, I went online and looked it up on Gamefaqs. Now, I know that Gamefaqs uses actual people who play the game to create the faqs, but come on. If you're going to post a faq about a game then you have to play the whole game, and you can't leave anything out of the faq. Because there were several puzzles in that game that were not in the faq, and once I saw that and found out that I would have to figure out the puzzle myself, it was super easy and I just can't see why it wouldn't be in the faq. I mean, really. If the person that made that faq couldn't figure out that puzzle, how smart could they really be? Not very, since I figured it out just fine, and it's not like I play game for a living, or even play games so much that I have the time to actually make awhole faq about said games. But whatever.
Anyway, I know this post is no fun whatsoever, but I just wanted to complain about Gamefaqs, 'cause they suck. So there.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good and bad ways to die

Okay, so I promised myself I would blog more often than this just so I have a whole pot-load of blogs by the end of the year, but it's been like, three days since I blogged last. And I just can't have that. I need to blog at least every other day (we'll see if I can actually pull that off though, since we have lots of company coming on the twenty second, plus we have more coming on Christmas day).
So anyway, I was just thinking about death (aren't I cheery? I am so into the joy of Christmas), and I just thought it would be kind of funny to blog about different ways you can die. I mean, for instance, dying naked would be a bad way to die, since it's pretty embarrassing to die in the nude. On the other hand, a good way to die would be something heroic, like getting hit by a car after shoving a complete stranger out of the way of said car. So here's a few good and bad ways to die, just for sh*ts (so I have an aversion to cursing, what of it?) and giggles (at least the ones I can think of right now):

Death by drowning is a bad way to die, because have you ever held your breath for as long as you could? It is unbearably uncomfortable.

Death by pulling off an awesome stunt involving water-skies and a helicopter, on the other hand, is a good way to die.

Death by electrocution, is a bad way to die. Have you ever gotten shocked while cleaning a TV screen? Try multiplying that to the point where it's deadly. Not something you want to do.

Okay, so I can't think of any good way to die involving electricity, because really. If you got hit by lightning, you would fry and it would be gross, and even if you saved someone or something by sacrificing yourself, you would still be fried and gross.

Death by being buried alive, is a horrible way to die. Not only do you get to suffocate to death slowly as the oxygen is used up, you also have to deal with the small, dark loneliness of the box or coffin or whatever you're buried in.

If you where buried alive without anyone knowing, and you were asleep and didn't even know you were buried yourself though, that wouldn't be quite as bad. As long as you didn't wake up and realize you were buried in the ground and not dead (yet).

Working to death, really bad way to die. I mean, working really hard is not fun as it is, but working till you literally die? Not my cup of tea.

Dying at work though, not so bad, especially if it's a job that helps people, like being a cop or something. Plus, your family will get money from your work depending on what you did for a living.

Death by murder, not a good way to die. Dying at the hands of someone you knew and perhaps loved, even worse.

Being murdered in the place of someone else, as they get away, that's a good way. What better way to die than to die saving another's life?

And the worst way to die? Alone.

The best way? For someone you love. Doesn't matter how.

I'll have to consult my friends and family to come up with their favorite best and worst ways to die. If I ask my Dad, he'll give me several pages worth of ridiculously funny and awful ways to die, so look forward to that, I suppose.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. My Dad thinks electrocution is hilarious, so expect at least one of his good or bad ways to die to include electricity in some way.

Monday, December 14, 2009

This is the tale of the really long title, in which the title to the blog entitled "this is the tale of the really long title" is really quite long.

Okay, so I can't fit the whole title I wanted in, but here's the rest:
This is the tale of the really long title, in which the title to the blog entitled "this is the tale of the really long title" is really quite long, and makes you think, "wow, the title to the blog entitled 'this is the tale of the really long title' is really quite long", then you marvel at the sheer longevity of the title to the blog entitled "this is the tale of the really long title" and say, "that title to the blog entitled 'this is the tale of the really long title' is really quite long. I'd like to read that, for it is impressive how long a title to a blog entitled 'this is the tale of the really long title' can really be." It's a paradox of words, is it not?
Man, it would have been really cool if I could have fit all that in the title area...Oh well.
Anyway, don't you hate it when people's blog titles get really long and drawn out? I mean really, you can sum-up what is in a blog with just one or two words, so why does there have to be more words in the title that there are in the blog? I mean, if you are talking about how long blog titles are, and you need a title for the blog about long titles, you can just put, "really long titles" instead of making up a huge title like, "This is the tale of the really long title, in which the title to the blog entitled "this is the tale of the really long title" is really quite long". Oops, I made up that title. Okay, so the truth is that I love really long titles, and I use them any chance I get.
Anyway, just having a bit of fun here. Sometimes I get a tick-up-my-butt (so to speak) and I just need to ramble out a bunch of nonsense. Makes me feel better to stretch my writing skills out like that. Keeps me sane (-ish).
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Righty-tighty, lefty-loosy.

Alright, so not too long ago, I was blog-surfing and found a blog that had a post on it asking if you were right handed, or left, and I thought it was quite interesting. The subject, I mean. See, I'm one of those people who really pay attention to details like that. I look at peoples hands, and how they use them, and I look at peoples eyes before I really look at the rest of their face. And if you really pay attention to the small details like that, you can pretty much guess whether someone is right handed or left.
For instance, if you look at someone's hands, all you have to do is pay attention to the length of their nails to see which hand they use more. If their nails are long on the left side, they're most likely right handed, because their nails will be worn down slightly on the hand they use more. Or if you look at someone's handwriting, and their writing tilts slightly to the left, instead of the right like it's supposed to, they're most likely left handed. Or, if you see a callous (a rough spot or bump) on their middle finger (where a pen would rest when writing), then that's most likely the hand they use to write with.
I always thought that the hand a person uses more than the other says a lot about them, and it really is kind of useful to know. Which is why I have decided to do a poll on my blog asking if you're right handed, left handed, or ambidextrous. I'm ambidextrous, in case you were curious. Well, okay, I grew up mostly right handed, but a few years back I realized that I can do pretty much anything with my left hand as I could do with my right, including eating and writing. I find that very interesting, because my mom once told me that when I was little, I was left handed. I used my left hand to play and draw and stuff, not my right. But everyone in the family made such a big deal about me being left handed, that one day I just switched hands, and used my right hand ever since.
Just a few years ago (maybe three, if that), I was goofing off and decided to try and write with my left hand, instead of my right. At first it was kind of messy, because I wasn't quite sure how to hold my hand considering that I had only used my right hand all those years, but after a little practice, I got better. I'm still not quite as good with my left hand as I am with my right, but if I just slow down and not try to write as fast with my left as I do with my right, you can barely tell the difference from the two. Here's an example:
The top is obviously with my left hand, and the bottom is with my right. You can't really see much of a difference, except that the top one (the one with my left hand) is slightly bubblier (that does not sound like I word, ha ha), and by the thickness of the pen you could tell that I went slower when writing with my left hand, but other than that, they're pretty much the same.
Anyway, I'm curious to hear how many of you are right handed, and how many of you are left handed. Or even how many (if any) of you are ambidextrous. I can't see you, so I can't really use my methods to guess, but I am curious to know. So go ahead and vote at the bottom of my blog, where the poll is held. If you feel like it, of course.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Sorry if this post came off as slightly scatter-brained, but that's because I am slightly scatter-brained. ADD, you know. Please vote!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Zelda alert, Zelda alert! Alright, so I wanted to do this blog on the eighth, but I got too busy so I'll just do it today instead.
Okay, so on the eighth, a new Zelda game came out for the DS called, "The legend of Zelda, Spirit Tracks". I, of course, had it on reserve, so I just went and picked it up. I have been playing it every chance I get since then, and I must say: it, is, awesome! Okay, so not everyone likes Zelda games, but I on the other hand, am a huge Zelda fan, and love playing the games. Not to brag or anything, but I'm also very good at playing the games. I mean, I beat the Twilight Princess game for the Wii all by my self (okay, so my Mum was there a lot of the time while I played, but still), and I didn't miss anything. I also beat the Zelda game for the gameboy advance (The legend of Zelda, the Minish Cap) like, ten times or something like that, and also the last game for the DS, The legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass.
...And I loved every one of them (what? I happen to love puzzle games, and Zelda is good for that)...
I also happen to have a really cool Zelda hat, Zelda wallet, and Zelda belt buckle. And no, that does not make me a total nerd (or does it?).
So anyway, when I finish it (hopefully soon, but with Christmas coming my allotted free-time is considerably shorter) I will be sure to put a small announcement saying that I did indeed finish the game. Okay, so that's it. Just wanted to vent some of my excitement at getting a new Zelda game.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Did I happen to mention that so far the new game is totally awesome? No? Okay, the new game is totally awesome!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tribute to Glen Eugene Eudaly

This is in remembrance of my great-grandfather Glen Eudaly, who died December 10th 2005. We miss you Popa, and hope you are proud of what we have all made of our lives so far.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

No, I don't REALLY want a ball in my eye. Thank you.

Okay, so in the past (like, July this year) I made a post entitled, "Are you TRYING to poke my eye out?" (here's a link, so you can read it if you like), and it was all about a mascara that vibrates. This blog here that you are reading now, should be dubbed, "about mascara, again". Only this time, the mascara stick doesn't vibrate. No, it's just a ball this time, not nearly as menacing as a stick that vibrates near your eye. Or is it? I mean, just think about it: You are about to put a spherical object with tiny little brush-like tines, near your eye. Don't you think that the end result to this particular situation would be to, oh, I don't know...poke your eye with the ball trying to get all the eyelashes in one go, perhaps? Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who thinks that putting a ball-shaped mascara stick thingy (yes, thingy is not a word, but whatever) near your eye is a bad idea, but you have to admit, that is yet another ridiculous idea from the make-up companies. How do they come up with crap like that, anyway? I mean, don't you think that just a regular mascara stick works just fine? It doesn't miss any eyelashes when using it, and if it does, you can just move it over to the spot you missed and get it, am I right? But a ball wouldn't really do much good, now would it? It would only get a little bit of your eyelashes at a time, and therefore make you work harder and longer just to get all of your lashes coated in mascara. Am I right, or am I hallucinating? Because what if they had come out with a secret mascara that works like a hallucinogen, and makes you see things like, giant eyelashes or something, so you think your eyelashes are really long? They would probably do that, too. They would make a mascara that makes you think your eyelashes are really big, but really they're just the same as they were before. And what if I used it without knowing? What if everything I'm doing now is just a hallucination brought on by an allergic reaction to the mascara that I don't even remember using? What if what I'm typing now is merely a jumbled mess of letters, with no start or finish? What if what I just typed about the "no start or finish" does not make any sense at all? Or, what if what I'm typing now is merely a jumbled mess of letters, with no start or finish? What if I'm repeating myself over and over, and none of what I'm typing makes any sense? No, that's impossible. I'm not repeating myself. No, that's impossible.
Anyway, I for one, think that the new mascara's that the make-up companies are coming up with, are all ridiculous, and they should just stop before they create something really crazy, like a mascara that makes you think your eyelashes are really big, but really they're just the same as they were before. Wow, Déjà vu. Have I ever said anything like that before? Nah, probably not.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ugh...Some people are just rude.

Evidently, my annoyance doesn't work on everybody. Okay, I guess I should explain a little: You see, I have made it a habit to randomly go to other peoples blogs and following them, and then leaving comments asking if they could check my blog out in return. I like to put a humorous twist on it, saying that I know that I'm annoying, and that I will continue to be annoying until they check out my blog, but I always keep it light. That doesn't sound unreasonable, does it? I don't know, because several other people who have seen these comments have actually decided to follow me, and they think I was funny, not annoying. But this one guy on (I won't drop names), Eoin Cannon's Sketchbook (oops, just did) was ignoring me for the longest time. So I decided to leave a comment saying something along the lines of, hey, how come you never answer my comments, do you not check them? In a joking way, and ending with, "Annoy ya later, Miss Eccentric."
Does that sound rude, or do you agree that it just sounds as if I'm joking? 'Cause he left a comment saying that he always checks his comments, and he wouldn't check my blog out because it had no relevance to his, and to stop commenting on his blog. I guess you could say he was being somewhat polite about it, but the way he punctuated it, it just sounded extremely rude and uncalled for. I don't understand, is he not a fan of humor? Does he not know how to take a joke? He could have just said something like, "Hey, I'm sure your blog is great, but I only like to follow blogs that have something to do with mine, so I won't be following yours, sorry", but no. Instead I get a nasty comment saying not to comment on this guys blog anymore. I don't get it at all.
So anyway, I just left a comment back saying, "Hey, no problem man. My annoyance doesn't work on everybody. But hey, at least I tried, right? I won't bug you anymore." And then unsubscribed from his blog.
That sounds reasonable, right? I wish I had the guts to tell this guy off. Instead I just sit here and blog about it like a coward...At least I know that if he had said something like that to a friend or family member of mine, I would have the guts to yell at this guy like a banshee on steroids ( I am very protective of the people I love, so don't mess with them unless you want to die a thousand painful deaths ending in a one-way trip to hell. See? Funny, right? Only I'm not joking about that...*insert evil grin, with one eyebrow raised menacingly*). I can take solace in that, if nothing else.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. If you are one of those people who have gotten an annoying comment from me, please comment and tell me if you thought I was being rude, I would like to know. Also, if you come across that guy's blog, do me a favor and don't follow him. He's just a big meany-poo.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's hard being a vegetarian...Hold the fish.

Okay, so I'm not a vegetarian, but my mom is. A few years back (wow, quite a while ago now that I think about it), my mom got sick from eating at a friend's (no longer a friend) house. It was like, the stomach flu or something, and she just couldn't eat anything but vegetable soup for the longest time. When she finally felt good enough to attempt to eat meat again, she got sick, again. She could no-longer digest the meat, turns out, because she's allergic to something in the meat (I don't pretend to know what exactly it is that she's allergic to). So ever since then she became a vegetarian, and can not eat any kind of meat again.
Now, back to the subject at hand: It's hard being a vegetarian. I mean (for instance), if you go somewhere out to eat, you have to check everything on the menu until you find something that says "vegetarian" or "vegi" in the name, and even then, you have to ask the waiter/waitress if that has chicken stock in it, or else you might get sick later because they forgot to warn you that even though they put "vegetarian" on the menu, they didn't actually mean vegetarian! And what if you want fast-food? Not that we usually eat fast-food much, because it's really not good for you, but what if we're in a rush and want a burger? Okay, so a lot of places have adopted the "vegi-burger" idea, but get this: You can buy a burger for one dollar at some places, but a vegi-burger is more like five to eight dollars, way more than the meat. Wait, there's more: Meat costs the fast-food companies more to buy than the veggies do. What?!?! That's right, veggies are cheaper to grow and therefore buy, but they are more expensive than meat once they're made into a burger. That does not make sense at all, does it? No. I don't get it...Veggies are easier to grow in large quantities than meat is to breed, but everywhere you go (whether it be out-to-eat, or in the grocery store), vegetables are high-priced, and meat not so much. It seems backwards to me. Or how about when you tell someone you are a vegetarian (this has happened several times to my mom, and still happens with strangers and certain family members), it always goes like this (we'll just call the person my mom is talking to in this instance Anonymous):
Anonymous: "So you don't eat any meat? What about fish?"
Mom: "I don't eat anything with a face."
Anonymous: "So you don't eat fish?"
Mom: "Do fish have faces?"
And yes, it actually goes like that. Exactly like that, several different times. It never ceases to amaze me when someone asks those exact questions, especially when it is a family member, multiple times. My dad's mother does that. Every time we see her, and we go out to eat or something, she always asks if my mom can eat fish, or cheese.
My moms answer: "Cheese does not have a face, so I can eat it. Fish does have a face, so I can't eat it."
And she never seems to get it...As does all the other anonymous people who ask the dreaded question, "What about fish?"...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.