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I lied. This is not, in fact, a "directory" as the title above might suggest...This is merely a warning of what you might find on this blog. I believe I have already warned you of the insane ramblings archived in this blog, but I must say, if you are not prepared for the tomfooleries that can be found here, you might just want to close this tab, shut your computer down, and walk away slowly in order to keep your OWN sanity in check. Fair warning >;)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

_ (Blank)

Ugh...I have no idea what to blog about...You know, I haven't ever really had this problem. I always find something to blog about at the last minute, but this time, I really don't have anything. What's the matter with me? I don't understand, it's been like, five days since I last blogged, and for some reason I still can not think of anything to blog about. Maybe it's a conspiracy? Okay, yeah, I know. I've said that a lot, "maybe it's a conspiracy?" But you've got to admit, it is kind of strange that of all people I can't think of anything to blog about. I have been blogging every four to five days or less since July last year, not to mention that I have two blogs that I write in, yet for some reason today of all days I can not think enough to actually come up with something to put in this damn blog. So, what if it is a conspiracy? What if they're trying to keep me from blogging because some of my blogs have been controversial, and they don't want word getting out that there are a lot of conspiracies going on? What if they're going to come and break my computer so I can't tell the world about all their secrets and whatnot? And who are "they", you ask? If I told you, they would have to kill me. And you. And anyone you tell. So why am I telling you about these conspiracies? Because otherwise no one will ever know.
So anyway, sorry, today for some reason I'm just not feeling very funny. I mean, I did the whole "paranoid" skit just now (but it's true, even this is probably a conspiracy! They took my humor!), but I'm just not feeling it. I'm just super tired and I can't stop thinking about my self-set deadline for tomorrow (I have to post my short story on my other blog). I don't know, I think I'll just go do that now, and then I'll feel better.
Blog ya later (hopefully), Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Hey, maybe you guys can give me a few ideas of what to blog about, and I'll pick one for another day! Right? Okay, so if you think of anything, just leave a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Farts: we all do them 2

Okay, so I thought up a few more farts, so here they are: (As my aunt in the big damn bus of a home put so kindly) there's the P*ssy, or Crotch fart, which is when you're (well, only us women as far as I know) sitting, and you fart, and it creeps up to the front and gets stuck there so you have to wiggle in your seat to get it out; there are popcorn farts, the ones that burn on the way out (ever hear the expression, "hotter than a popcorn fart"? No? Well, now you have), and have a certain "unique" smell to them; and then there are the hot-dog farts, which not only can burn on the way out like a popcorn fart, but also have their very own "special" scent. The only way to tell the difference between a popcorn fart and a hot-dog fart, is the smell: the hint? Hot-dog farts always smell like hot-dogs, while popcorn farts do not.
Okay, so that's all I got, but if you think of one, let me know and I'll post about it (maybe).
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I almost forgot! My dad went browsing for other classifications of farts after he read my blog, and he found a really funny fart site, that sadly but truly dwarfs my small little blog, but whatever. I just thought it would be nice and mature of me to post a link of said fart site, so ya'll didn't think I hid it from you just because I knew it was better than my blog and I was jealous to think that you would think that my blog totally sucked because the fart site is totally much better than my wee-bitty little tiny blog about farts that is so not as cool as their giant fart site about farts that's better than my fart post of farts and besides I thought that maybe you would stay loyal to me and check it out and even if it is so totally better than my fart post of farts you'll still say that my fart post of farts is better than their not-so-sucky fart site of farts that's so much better than my fart site of farts, so here's the link: Link.
*deep breath*
Yeah, I know. That made total sense. Right? (F.Y.I, if you're wondering, I said fart/farts thirty-two times, including when I said fart/farts just now, twice. Well, okay, since I said it in the labels thingy whatsit, that would make it thirty-eight, which is significantly slightly more)
And wow, this is like, the longest P.S. I have ever done. It just keeps getting longer and longer and longer!!! And look, I'm making it even longer by saying that I keep making it longer and longer and longer!!! I had better stop, before I have to enter this P.S. message in the Guinness World Records, seeing as this is the longest P.S. ever!!! Okay, I'm going to stop. Really, I am. I'm gonna stop, I swear! What, you don't believe that I'll stop sooner or later? Because I will. In fact, I'm gonna stop right-
OMG, I can't stop. How come I can't stop? I guess I'll just have to go cold-turkey, and just stop typing in the middle of-

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farts: we all do them

Yes, you read right, even us girls fart, though we pretend that we don't. We also pretend that our pee does not make a splashing sound when it hits the water, that we wake up with perfect hair and makeup on and do not sleep in over-sized T-shirts but skimpy little tank tops and underwear instead, that our breath does not stink in the morning, that we never ever go number two, that we don't get bloated when we eat fast food, and that evidently when we get older and/or have kids we lose control of our bladders and pee when we laugh. But the real subject here, is farts: we all do it, but for some reason it is considered rude and gross and should never be done in public if it can be avoided. Well, when we're kids we think it's funny, and guys usually think it's funny even when they're old, but the point is, everyone on the planet farts one time or another in their lives, yet farting is so very taboo in polite society. If you're in a grocery store and you fart, you either blame someone else or you run from that isle as fast as you can and hope no one notices that you were just there when they start to smell it. For instance, the egg and onion powder incident: my brother ate egg, with onion powder a few years back, and boy were we sorry. He cleared out two stores, Target and Home Depot that day. His fart smelled so bad that when he farted in an isle we would literally run away from it, and it followed us. And the funniest part? The people who worked there were actually running around the isles looking for a dead animal. And I'm not kidding, my mom heard them talking about a dead smell on the isles that he farted on, and she saw them looking around for the body. It was bad, and from that I have gained much experience. Experience I will now use to ask you to never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, eat the combo of egg and onion powder. In fact, you should always keep a forty eight hour gap between the consumption of egg and onion powder. Just never mix the two. Otherwise, you might blow a gaping-green hole in the atmosphere. And not the environmentally-safe green.
Which brings me to fart levels. Every fart has a different identity: there are greeny-puffum-smoke farts, which float through the air like smoke, searching for any organism unlucky enough to have to breathe; there are silent-but-deadly farts, where you are lucky enough to get them out with no sound, but then your neighbor across the street drops dead, their face contorted in disgust and their complexion a certain shade of green that can only be explained as, "they looked as if they were going to be sick!"; there are butt-flappers, the kind of fart that sounds so loud coming out that you curl up and die of embarrassment, yet surprisingly it doesn't hardly stink at all; there are walk-farts, the kind that come out a little bit every time you take a step, whether you are clinching your butt or not, thus leaving a trail of stink in your wake; there are sharts, the kind of fart that is not just a fart, but also a little something at the end (you go to fart, and you end up sh*ting instead); and finally, you have the oily-fart. My mom made this one up, and it is indeed a very special fart. It's the kind of fart that lingers, like an oil-slick, just slowly slimming itself across the walls, waiting till you enter the room again. And when that happens, it ATTACKS!!! It just springs from the wall, or the couch or whatever, and attaches itself to your face, suffocating you with a stink so mighty, one might call it the Master Stank.
Now, I'm sure there are other classes of fart that I have failed to list, but I have covered the basics here. But if you think of a kind of fart that I have missed, just leave a comment telling me what it's called, and what it does. That would be hilarious.
Fart- I mean, Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. My mom seems to think that because I think farts are funny, the guys are going to be crawling all over me, and she says they'll want to know how old I am, and am I cute, so...I'm eighteen, and yes, I am very cute. And I'm not full of myself at all.
(Okay, I was so just kidding, I don't want any online boyfriends. Relationships should be real, not electronic)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God's allergic to us

Is it raining wherever you are? I'm in Lakewood California here, and yes, it is raining quite a lot. Which is weird, because it hardly ever rains here. And when it does, it's just a little spittle, and it doesn't last very long. You know how they say that when it rains, it's because God's crying? Well, here it's more of a sneeze. It's like he's allergic to us, and whenever he get's too close he sneezes, it sprinkles a bit down here, and then it just clears up and goes back to sunshine (because he left, afraid that he'd sneeze again). But for the past couple of days, it's actually been raining for real here. With thunder and lightning and everything! I like to think that when there is thunder and/or lightning, it's because the angels in heaven are bowling. And yes, I know that sounds immature, but it's a nice way to think about it.
So anyway, from what I hear it's going to keep on raining for the rest of the week! Which is good, in my opinion. Well, good until the weird Californian weather kicks in and it goes from pouring down hard to clear sunny sky in a manner of minutes. And, of course, it's not that great for my beautiful outdoor cat Joey. He is impossibly adorable when he's wet, but he doesn't particularly like it. In fact, when it rains he sort of disappears for a while (most likely hiding in some bushes or something), then when it lets up a bit, he comes to either the front or the back of the house and screams ("I'm wet! I'm wet! Come dry me, I'm wet!"). Then I bring him in the house, dry him off and feed him, and then he proceeds to sit on my lap and warm up, which he is doing as I type. It's so cute, he's totally fast asleep on my bed right now, with his face buried against my leg. And he's snoring! OMG, he is soo cute!!!
Okay, enough of that, I better go 'cause my parents are back from the store and most likely brought food with them. But how am I supposed to get up with the cuteness on my lap? Oh well, I guess I'll have to wake him up...I'll be paying for it later, though...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Don't get me wrong on the God jokes, I don't mean any disrespect, I'm just having a bit of fun. And besides, I like to think that God has a good sense of humor. Just look at Britney Spears (Okay, so that was a really mean joke on her part, but do I care? No, I do not)!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Google Search is hilarious!

Have you ever typed a few words into Google Search and seen the most popular questions that it provides you with, that match those first few words you typed in? Are you extremely confused by what I said and can not understand one ounce of what I really meant to say? Let me make it easy for you. I went to Google Search, and typed just a few key words in, and this is what it came up with:
(that's the search box->) [why ] (that's it, that's all I had to type, and I got the following)
why do men have nipples (they would look stupid without them)
why is the sky blue (because God said so)
why is my poop green (stop eating so much spinach!)
why does my vag smell (eeewww, personal problem)
why do cats purr (because they love us)
why did i get married too (because Cupid has a sense of humor)
why do dogs eat poop (because they're saying, "I'd rather eat my own poop than that nasty meatloaf you keep giving me under the table")
why can't i own a canadian (because this is America, you idiot)
why did the chicken cross the road (so you could run it over and have lunch)
why are black people so loud (I know! That one is very racist, I will not answer it)

Okay, so that's what all came up. Sorry about all the answers in parentheses, I couldn't resist answering those stupid questions in my own smart-arse way. And yes, I so just said arse. What of it?
Anyway, I just thought that was really funny, and also it's a good way to pass your time. I mean, I could sit there for hours just typing random things in, and getting a million stupid results from Google Search trying to finish my sentence. Oh yeah, try typing in "robert pat" and see how many results you get involving Robert Pattinson. It's hilarious.
To try this, all you need to do is go to Google Search, and type in something obscure like "why" or "how" or "why does my" and see how many ridiculous results you get (caution: when typing "why does my" you may get a lot of nasty stuff like "why does my vag smell", so if you are under eighteen I advise you to not do it. But I guess by me saying that, you will now do the opposite, so whatever).
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. If you find something really funny, leave a comment on the key words you used to get it, and I'll check it out!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lemon chicken banana cup, throw a wet tortilla at your House!!! (random thoughts)

Yay! The best show in the world recorded on our DVR last night!!! Which, of course, would be House! My favoritest show ever! Well, what can I say about the episode...What's not to like? Of course I loved the new episode. How can I not like any episode of House? Anyway, yeah I wanted to vent out a bit of my excitement at House coming back, but I also wanted to vent a lot of frustration that House is not coming back for good. Yes, you read right: House is not coming back right now. We all have to wait yet another two weeks before we get to see any new episodes, which really sucks butt if you think about it. I mean, why do they do that? Why do they take two week hiatus' (did I do that right? I'm not really sure what the plural for hiatus is...) all the time? What's the point? They end a season, then just when they bring it back, they give you one new episode, then they make you wait two weeks till the next episode!!! Do they do it just to piss us off? Because if so, it's working. I am currently very not happy about having to wait another two weeks till the next episode to my favoritest show ever. And yeah, I very much know that "favoritest" is not in the slightest a word. But I don't care at this point, because I WANT MY FAVORITEST SHOW TO COME BACK NOW!!! And if they do a two week hiatus again after this two week hiatus, you don't even want to begin to imagine what I will do. Because if you did, your brain would heat to the point of explosion. I may sound all funny and paranoid and cute with my weird spellings and my little rants, but let me be the first to tell you: I am evil. You saw my blog about how I chase my big brother around with a frying pan? Well that's just one tiny little bad deed that I do sometimes. Try living with me, and then tell me I'm not evil. Or better yet, say something mean about a family member of mine, or a friend, and you will see the wrath of me. Or even better still, take away my favoritest show for two weeks all the time, and maybe then you will feel the need to watch your back. I watch plenty of crime shows, I know about forensics. I know how to get away with stuff without leaving evidence. So there.
Anyway, as I was writing my very scary threat just now, I got to thinking: I may be nothing but an evil genius waiting to come out on the inside, but on the outside I'm just a very paranoid person who can go from threatening one's well-being, to paranoid funny girl once again in mere seconds.
Okay, so that's not really what I was thinking as I wrote my threat, but that was what I was think while writing the part that says "anyway, as I was writing my very scary threat just now, I got to thinking:". And if I am confusing you, too bad. I can't help it, I just don't know how to stay on one subject for too long. I may write a lot about one thing sometimes, but my brain is thinking of fifty different things while I'm writing, and to write all my thoughts out it might look something like this: Why are they taking a two week hiatus again? I really do love House...Is Wilson gay? He acts gay sometimes. He had a wife, though...House was good at cooking, does that mean he cooks for Wilson? Or did he give that up when he got his license to practice-
I'm hungry. Do we have any pizza left- was that my parents truck I heard? No, not it yet. They had some errands to run...What was that? It sounded like a bang- oh well, it's gone. Cheesecake! Uncle Don said something about bringing cheesecake to Nana's birthday party tomorrow! Crap, I forgot to make her a card last night...I have a lot of paper though, so it shouldn't take long...My nose itches a little. You know, they say if your nose itches you're about to kiss a fool. That can't be right though, 'cause no one's in the room with me that is kissable...Ugh, I should just get it over with and finish this blog instead of writing my strange thou-
Ooh, there's some mint candies on the desk next to me! I like mint. It reminds me of my nickname (one of many) Dmintedfairy. Get it? Okay I'm gonna stop writing my thoughts now, 'cause it's really hard and so far I'm only picking out a few thoughts at once and ignoring all the other ones I'm thinking while trying to type (woops, I typed type wrong, it was, tyoe he he) them out...Which means I'm leaving a lot of thoughts out and I am getting very bored trying to explain now, so...Hold on, I need to visit the restroom. Did you know that in other countries they don't call it a restroom or bathroom or anything like that? They just call it the toilet, because that's what it is.
Okay, I'm back. Wow, that was fast. It was like a record or something. I wonder what the world record for peeing really fast is?
Anyway, I think you get the drift of it. Oh yeah, before I forget: I ordered some books online the other day, and when I checked my email last night it said that they had been shipped, so I'll have seven new books in three to eight days!!! Yay!!!
Now what was this blog about originally? Oh yeah, House. Which brings me to my conclusion, and my original thought when I was typing "anyway, as I was writing my very scary threat just now, I got to thinking:" which is: what if they're taking a two week hiatus not only as a teaser, but because they're going- (hold on, here's another thought that popped into my head: I watched the last episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant in it the other day, and yes it was awesome, but I'm going to miss him as The Doctor. He was my favorite) -to end the series soon? I mean, House has been on for a while now, so what if they're teasing us with the limited-episode-diet because this is the last season, or the next to last season? If so, my earlier threat applies, only tenfold. Tenfold tenfold, times infinity. And yes, that sounds very juvenile, but I don't care because it's true.
And on that very sad note (the note in which House ends...), I think this blog has become large enough, and I had better stop- (hey, did you ever notice that sometimes when you type really fast the computer can't keep up with you and it's a few letters behind?) -now before it becomes just way too big and confusing.
Blog ya later, Mi- (I just accidentally typed Mii) -ss Eccentric.
P.S. Don't worry, for all (maybe not all, wahahaha) my future blogs I won't put you through the mental agony with typing my thoughts out that I have today. I wouldn't be surprised if your brain has melted from reading this, and I want to keep the death-tole down, soo...Okay that's it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The amazing dictionary of sounds

The amazing dictionary of sounds is a dictionary in which you can learn how to spell sounds. Sounds like my personal favorite, the zerbert (this is embarrassing, but I don't really know how to spell zerbert, so this spelling is just a guess). The amazing dictionary of sounds (or TADOS) is not a real book (yet), though. It is completely made up, by none other than me. I got this idea when I was chatting on yahoo! chat with my Aunt In The Big Damn Bus Of A Home, and I spelled a zerbert out to her. She thought it was so funny that she suggested that I should make a book out of it, so here I am, trying to spell funny sounds out like a total weirdo. Anyway, so here are a few funny sounds that I have attempted to spell:

Alien probe and/or scanner:
A sound that may come from an alien device which scans or probes.
"Nnnnneeeerrrierierierierierierierierierrrrrrrrr..." (pronounced as spelled, in a high pitched voice).

Zerbert aka Razzberry (not to be confused with raspberry, which is indeed a berry):
A zerbert is a sound one might make to annoy a sibling. To make such a sound, one sticks their tongue out and blows, thus creating a sound in which every child recognizes.
"Pthbthbthbtbthbthththththththth!!!" (caution: one might spit on the recipient of a zerbert if it is deployed at close range).

A sound one might hear if they were to flush their toilet.
"Ffffflshshshshshshshshsh!!!" (pronounced as spelled, with emphasis on the "fffff" and the "shshshshshsh" tapering off at the end).

Old cat meow:
A sound one might hear coming from either an old cat, or a very sleepy/grumpy/lazy cat.
"Mrraowwwfff..." (For best results, one should let their eyelids droop, like they're sleepy).

Okay, that's all I got right now, soo...Maybe I'll think of some more later.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dark vs. Light, Day vs. Night, Black vs. White, Good vs. Evil

Disclaimer: The title to this blog has nothing to do with race, I am merely talking about the colors black and white. So don't go calling me racist or anything.

Dark vs. Light:
Did you know that dark chocolate is actually better for you than milk chocolate is? Yeah, it's true: dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant, and it can help to lower blood pressure in moderate doses. Whereas the milk in milk chocolate cancels all that good stuff out, therefore making it not worth the effort (well, any chocolate is worth the effort, even if it's bad for you, but that's besides the point). White chocolate is no better than milk chocolate is, so don't even try to get around it that way. Because you may be thinking, "yeah, but dark chocolate is bitter, and milk and/or white chocolate tastes better", but I don't care. And the milk in white and milk chocolate doesn't care either. Even if you like it better, it's not going to get any better for you. So there.
Now, okay fine I agree that milk chocolate tastes better, but I also like dark chocolate so if I had a choice I might just choose dark over light.
The conclusion: Dark wins.

Day vs. Night:
That's easy, I prefer nighttime over day. I get hot easy, and I just don't like to go and bake in the sun, or squint in the shade. I would rather go out and watch the stars in the dead of night, the cool air on my skin, the moon looming over majestically. Not to mention that I am not a morning person, at all. I am a night owl for sure, and I like to stay up well past three AM when possible.
The conclusion: Night wins.

Black vs. White:
Again, easy. White is a clean color, and I am a total clean freak. However, black really does look good on my pale skin, and I do prefer to wear dark colors rather than light colors. And black is night personified, so I think my answer is clear.
The conclusion: Black wins.

Good vs. Evil:
Good, obviously. I do not like things like lying, stealing, killing or just plain hurting someone in general. I go out of my way to be nice to people, even if I don't particularly like them. However, I do like to be evil sometimes, but not necessarily the kind that people usually associate with the word "evil". More like the kind where I play a prank on my brother, or threaten to hit him on the head with a frying pan (okay, so I chased him with one a few times in the past, but I never actually hit him, so that doesn't count). And I very much like to flash a nice evil smile a him and creep him out all to hell. And I like to hide someplace and then reach out and touch his shoulder or something, thus scaring the crap out of him and making him scream like a girl. And also teasing him about nightmares of his by acting them out is fun. But none of that makes me evil. It just makes me moderately evil. But not pure evil. Because if it came down to it, I would suck it up and do the right thing in the end. But I might still crack a few jokes while I'm at it...
The conclusion: Good wins (although evil comes in close behind it, muahahahahaha!).

Anyway, I don't know what started this, but I'm just having a bit of fun. Soo...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frustrations of an internet user...

Okay, so I don't really use the internet for much other than blogging, but I really don't like it when I can't access the internet at will. I mean, just yesterday I went the whole day without any access to the internet (okay, so not all day, but a lot of it!). And no, we did not forget to pay the bill, we payed just fine right on time as usual. No, it was the internet service's fault. For some reason, they screwed something up and the internet would just not work. We tried to call them and see what was going on, but the line was totally busy, so we figured that they were probably getting complaints from other people. Which means that we're not the only ones to have that problem. So if they're getting so many complaints, why did it take them all day to get it up (again, exaggerating just a bit)? It was like, somewhere around twelve AM before it came back, so what the heck happened to it to cause it to take that long to get back up and running? I mean, what exactly is it that causes the internet to go down? I can't even begin to know how the internet works, but I can't imagine what could go wrong. Maybe they get viruses like any other computer owner? Maybe they have problems with power? Maybe they just got lazy and forgot to turn it on? Or (and this is probably the most likely of the options I've had so far), maybe they were updating things and just forgot to let us all know?
Okay, so if you know anything about computers or how the internet works that I obviously don't know a thing about, then you probably think I'm pretty stupid. And you would be right, sort of. I mean, I could learn about computers and the internet and stuff, because that's what my dad does for a living, and I could just ask him, but I don't really have an interest in all that stuff. In fact, it took my dad and big bro forever to talk me into using the internet more, and even creating a blog (I know, right? Just think, if they hadn't annoyed the crud out of me to blog and stuff, you would never have been able to read any of my 70 some-odd blogs!). I was originally just going to use this computer as a glorified typewriter, so I could write in my novel, but then they talked me into it and I now very much love to blog. And, I can use my search engine to find out when new books are being released, and I can listen to music or watch a funny video on YouTube (although I only really do that if someone I know tells me about a funny video and asks me to check it out), and all sorts of research related stuff, too.
Okay, so any-ways...I just felt like griping about the internet going bye-bye yesterday...So now that I got all that out, I'll be signing off before I think of more things about the internet being gone to gripe about.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another year, another 365 days of Blogging capabilities...

Today the year has rolled over, and no longer can we write "09" on our checks. Today we all write the same thing: "10". It's weird, isn't it? We have entered the double digit's of the 2000th year. We can no longer say "O" anything. Now it's all, "twenty ten" or just "ten". But can you say "O ten"? That doesn't really sound right...You might as well add one extra number and say "twenty ten". But then, when signing a legal document or something, it would be hard to fit "2010" in the tiny space they give you to write in, so you would just have to put a "10" instead. Am I confusing you?
Okay let's move on...
So since it's a new year and all, I got to thinking: What should my new year's resolution be? Well that's easy for me, really. My new year's resolution is to not only write whenever I have free time, but also to hold down a job (at Borders book store, preferably). That's an easy one, right? I mean, all I have to do is get a job, and go to work on time and work hard, then come home and write as much as my mind and schedule will allow.
Well, we'll see how that goes. I'm hoping that I won't have to cut down on blogging time, and especially my novel-writing time once I get a job. But I'll just have to take it one day at a time, right?
Anyway, I was just curious, what's your new year's resolution? If you have one, please leave a comment and tell me what it is. I'm a very curious person, so I would appreciate the cooperation. So just leave a comment and let me know, 'kay?
Here's hoping for another great year,
Miss Eccentric.
P.S. They should have Thanksgiving on New Year's day, because that's when you're feeling the most grateful for everything that's happened all-through the last year. Am I right, or am I right? Or, perhaps, am I right? Right? Tee hee!
Oh yeah, did you catch a glimpse of the moon last night? It may have looked just like every-other full moon, but last night for some reason the so-called Blue moon was even more beautiful.