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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lemon chicken banana cup, throw a wet tortilla at your House!!! (random thoughts)

Yay! The best show in the world recorded on our DVR last night!!! Which, of course, would be House! My favoritest show ever! Well, what can I say about the episode...What's not to like? Of course I loved the new episode. How can I not like any episode of House? Anyway, yeah I wanted to vent out a bit of my excitement at House coming back, but I also wanted to vent a lot of frustration that House is not coming back for good. Yes, you read right: House is not coming back right now. We all have to wait yet another two weeks before we get to see any new episodes, which really sucks butt if you think about it. I mean, why do they do that? Why do they take two week hiatus' (did I do that right? I'm not really sure what the plural for hiatus is...) all the time? What's the point? They end a season, then just when they bring it back, they give you one new episode, then they make you wait two weeks till the next episode!!! Do they do it just to piss us off? Because if so, it's working. I am currently very not happy about having to wait another two weeks till the next episode to my favoritest show ever. And yeah, I very much know that "favoritest" is not in the slightest a word. But I don't care at this point, because I WANT MY FAVORITEST SHOW TO COME BACK NOW!!! And if they do a two week hiatus again after this two week hiatus, you don't even want to begin to imagine what I will do. Because if you did, your brain would heat to the point of explosion. I may sound all funny and paranoid and cute with my weird spellings and my little rants, but let me be the first to tell you: I am evil. You saw my blog about how I chase my big brother around with a frying pan? Well that's just one tiny little bad deed that I do sometimes. Try living with me, and then tell me I'm not evil. Or better yet, say something mean about a family member of mine, or a friend, and you will see the wrath of me. Or even better still, take away my favoritest show for two weeks all the time, and maybe then you will feel the need to watch your back. I watch plenty of crime shows, I know about forensics. I know how to get away with stuff without leaving evidence. So there.
Anyway, as I was writing my very scary threat just now, I got to thinking: I may be nothing but an evil genius waiting to come out on the inside, but on the outside I'm just a very paranoid person who can go from threatening one's well-being, to paranoid funny girl once again in mere seconds.
Okay, so that's not really what I was thinking as I wrote my threat, but that was what I was think while writing the part that says "anyway, as I was writing my very scary threat just now, I got to thinking:". And if I am confusing you, too bad. I can't help it, I just don't know how to stay on one subject for too long. I may write a lot about one thing sometimes, but my brain is thinking of fifty different things while I'm writing, and to write all my thoughts out it might look something like this: Why are they taking a two week hiatus again? I really do love House...Is Wilson gay? He acts gay sometimes. He had a wife, though...House was good at cooking, does that mean he cooks for Wilson? Or did he give that up when he got his license to practice-
I'm hungry. Do we have any pizza left- was that my parents truck I heard? No, not it yet. They had some errands to run...What was that? It sounded like a bang- oh well, it's gone. Cheesecake! Uncle Don said something about bringing cheesecake to Nana's birthday party tomorrow! Crap, I forgot to make her a card last night...I have a lot of paper though, so it shouldn't take long...My nose itches a little. You know, they say if your nose itches you're about to kiss a fool. That can't be right though, 'cause no one's in the room with me that is kissable...Ugh, I should just get it over with and finish this blog instead of writing my strange thou-
Ooh, there's some mint candies on the desk next to me! I like mint. It reminds me of my nickname (one of many) Dmintedfairy. Get it? Okay I'm gonna stop writing my thoughts now, 'cause it's really hard and so far I'm only picking out a few thoughts at once and ignoring all the other ones I'm thinking while trying to type (woops, I typed type wrong, it was, tyoe he he) them out...Which means I'm leaving a lot of thoughts out and I am getting very bored trying to explain now, so...Hold on, I need to visit the restroom. Did you know that in other countries they don't call it a restroom or bathroom or anything like that? They just call it the toilet, because that's what it is.
Okay, I'm back. Wow, that was fast. It was like a record or something. I wonder what the world record for peeing really fast is?
Anyway, I think you get the drift of it. Oh yeah, before I forget: I ordered some books online the other day, and when I checked my email last night it said that they had been shipped, so I'll have seven new books in three to eight days!!! Yay!!!
Now what was this blog about originally? Oh yeah, House. Which brings me to my conclusion, and my original thought when I was typing "anyway, as I was writing my very scary threat just now, I got to thinking:" which is: what if they're taking a two week hiatus not only as a teaser, but because they're going- (hold on, here's another thought that popped into my head: I watched the last episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant in it the other day, and yes it was awesome, but I'm going to miss him as The Doctor. He was my favorite) -to end the series soon? I mean, House has been on for a while now, so what if they're teasing us with the limited-episode-diet because this is the last season, or the next to last season? If so, my earlier threat applies, only tenfold. Tenfold tenfold, times infinity. And yes, that sounds very juvenile, but I don't care because it's true.
And on that very sad note (the note in which House ends...), I think this blog has become large enough, and I had better stop- (hey, did you ever notice that sometimes when you type really fast the computer can't keep up with you and it's a few letters behind?) -now before it becomes just way too big and confusing.
Blog ya later, Mi- (I just accidentally typed Mii) -ss Eccentric.
P.S. Don't worry, for all (maybe not all, wahahaha) my future blogs I won't put you through the mental agony with typing my thoughts out that I have today. I wouldn't be surprised if your brain has melted from reading this, and I want to keep the death-tole down, soo...Okay that's it.


  1. You don't even have to read it, Just the title is hilarious. Great job. Sometimes just rambling on and on about anything and everything, is relaxing it reminds us how our brains work. Did I, never mind I rambling. Good Work.

  2. Thanks, I had a bit of fun with that one. It does feel good to just ramble on and on about nothing sometimes. And it makes for a funny blog, am I right? Oh, but of course I am right.

  3. right, thanks for the vote of confidence. as for toilets v. restrooms, i think there is a distinction worth noting. for instance, i tend to check a lot of my email on the can, so i am, in some ways, resting, in there. i sometimes enjoy referring to it as, "roosting."

    and house has its moments (way behind on episodes) but you should check out some of the stuff hugh laurie did before...comedic genius.

  4. "Oh Jeeves?"
    Jeeves and Wooster, much? I love that show, at least some of the episodes I watched. But nothing in my opinion can replace House. He's not so evil that you dislike him, but he's evil enough to get annoyed at if you met him in person. Hugh Laurie is quite the comedic genius.
    And as for toilets, "roosting" is good. And so true, you wouldn't believe how long my older brother can be in there with his PSP, ha ha. He'd probably kill me for typing that, but I don't care.
    That's all I got.

  5. Haha, I agree about the title- awesomeness. And I used to love house, but I don't watch it much anymore (blasphemy, I know). Anyway I just noticed your cat over here on the side named "Daisy May Muffin Lumps" and had to tell you my bunny is named "Lumpy" and I call her all forms of the word, including Lumps sometimes. I just thought that was so random, how often are pets named something with "Lump" in it? Hahahaha. Well tootles. :)