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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

Today is the 2010 Super Bowl!!! The teams playing today are the Indianapolis Colts, and the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are supposedly the underdog, from what I understand, because the Colts' quarterback (Peyton Manning) is really good. In my opinion, I think that the Saints will see this coming, and overcompensate for the fact that they have Manning, and shut him out altogether. I even placed a bet with my Bro that the Saints would sack Manning and injure him in some way at least once in the game (by injure him, I don't just mean he'll be hurting at the end of the game, I mean they'll actually have to take a knee at least once, and send medics out there to see if he's alright). I also bet that the Saints would run in a touchdown from the fifty yard line or more at least once by the end of the game (slightly unlikely, because big dramatic touchdowns like that are rare, but I'm still willing to bet that the Saints are determined enough to pull it off). And of course, I am rooting for the Saints, but you've probably already figured that out, huh? It is pretty obvious. Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now, and later (after I watch the game, of course) I'll add to this post and let you know how it all went (whether I broke the bank, or struck gold).
Until later today, Miss Eccentric.
(Just in case you're wondering, XLIV means 44 in Roman Numerals)

Way later today...

It was their first Super Bowl ever, they came from 10 points behind and went to 14 points ahead, and they are....The Saints!!!
Was I surprised? Absolutely not. Obviously, I knew from even before the game that the Saints would indeed win. And I have this blog to prove it. The best part? I won fifty cents from my dad, the genius (and I'm not exaggerating, to be a genius your IQ has to be 140 or higher, and his is roughly 160 or more last time he checked). Right before watching the game, we all (my Bro, Mom, Dad and I) placed our fifty cent to a dollar bets, and I happened to bet my dad that the Saints would run in a touchdown from the fifty yard line or more. Well, Tracy Porter (cornerback to the Saints, and yes, cornerback, not quarterback), ran 74 yards to the in-zone, assuring New Orleans' win (31 to 17, in case you're wondering). The other bets placed earlier today by family and me:
Bro bet Mom that Peyton Manning would throw a touchdown in the first half, gaining fifty cents from Mom.
Mom bet Bro that the Saints would win the coin toss, gaining fifty cents from Bro (they called heads and got it).
Bro bet Mom that the Saints would kick instead of receive, losing fifty cents to Mom.
Dad bet Mom that Peyton Manning would score only two touchdowns, but the Saints would win anyway, gaining one dollar from Mom.
And finally, I bet Bro that Peyton Manning would get injured at least once during the game, unfortunately losing fifty cents to him.
I also bet my Grandfather on my mom's side that the Saints would win, so he owes me a dollar for betting that the opposition would win. But I'll collect later.
In other news, I have predicted that there will be a new sports drink, called New Orleans Brees, after the Saints quarterback, Andrew Brees. They'll have a commercial about it and everything. It'll have Drew Brees, and he'll be throwing the bottle really far or drinking it or something, and then he'll say something like, "Wanna throw like me? Drink Brees."
Any-ways...That's all I got for now, folks. It's time for me to end this post. But before I go, Congratulations New Orleans Saints!!! You all deserve it, and one more thing...Who dat!!!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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  1. Great game we did not care who won, not fans of either, but always enjoy a good game. The Saints deserve the trophy. Congratulation.