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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kiss me, I'm...Scottish? Ah screw it, kiss me anyway.

We had a blast at the Scottish Festival! It was all music (bag pipes, yay!), beer, Scottish memorabilia, and men going commando. And yes, when wearing a kilt, there is nothing but a stiff breeze beneath said kilt.
Anyway, while there, I got a few really cool things:
That's me, coming home from the Scottish games. You can't tell from here, but I'm wearing all the cool stuff I got, including a necklace that I swear is there. (P.S. My hair is not usually that curly, but by leaving it in a wet bun all night and half the day, it stayed sort of curly the rest of the evening, haha! )

This is the supposedly invisible necklace that I swear is around my neck in that picture of me. The image on the top is the Flower Faerie, which if anyone reading this knows me (hiya BBB!), they should know that this symbol suits me just fine (hello, Dmintedfairy? Where'd you think I got it from?).
The image on the bottom is of the Celtic Cross, which basically is not only a symbol of my Scottish heritage, but also symbolizes my Christian faith. Which is cool.

This is me attempting to show off my new wrist bands, which are awesome. I was trying to look serious, like I could actually beat you up, but for some reason I could just not stop laughing like an idiot, so I'm smiling in this one.

In this next one, again I attempted to look serious, but instead came out with a smirk on my face, because that's the best I could do while trying my hardest not to smile. Hey, don't judge! You try to stop smiling on command, it's harder than you think!!!
Next we got a picture of my authentic (at least I hope authentic) British Bobby whistle.

The engraving on it reads as follows:
The sound that comes out of that thing is just downright satisfying. I can whistle pretty darn loud without it, but this thing is just sweet. I've always wanted my own Bobby whistle...Now I have one.
This is me trying to show you what is in my hair, not just a random picture of the back of my head. The thingy (don't know what to call it) in my hair is also something I bought while at the Scottish Games.

And finally, we have the Shaw Clan tartan, and badge.
Our moto (I guess that's what it's called) is "Fide et fortitudine" which means (translated using online translation), "Faithful and physical strength" in Latin. It's engraved on the Shaw badge and everything. And the background I used in this picture is our tartan, obviously.

Anyway, I think the best thing we all got out of this experience, was getting back to our roots, you know? The bag pipes especially, touched our souls (however corny that might sound). This is our heritage, where we came from. And boy were we disappointed to find that none of the other Shaw's decided to represent the Shaw Clan at the festival. Which is why we have decided to do as much research about our family history as possible, so we may represent the Shaw Clan ourselves next year.
Also, if you'd like a teaser of the music we heard today, the beautiful bag pipe bands, here's a video I took while inside the Queen Mary:

I recorded almost the whole song, but I just missed the very beginning, so sorry about that. Also, my vantage point sucked, 'cause I was looking over at them from the side, on a staircase. But the point is, you can see the band, and more importantly, you can hear them. And pay special attention to the girls in the back row with the drums, I just love how they twirl their drum sticks!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I hope this has compelled you to find your own heritage, and embrace it! If not, don't worry, I'll be doing regular posts about random thoughts of mine again soon, so no more boring crap about my personal life!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, and the fairy pendent is neat. I don't want to be a party pooper, hope you did not spend to much on the whistle, you can find them online for about $12.99 and the 1942 is a model number. And so what it's still neat and it is real. Enjoy, Love you. BBB

  2. Actually I got the whistle for $6.00! Super cheap, so I knew it had to be very new and most likely a fake, but it's still cool. And even though it's most definitely never actually been used by a Bobby (eewww, I sure hope not!), and it was only manufactured as a replica, it still makes a really cool sound when you blow on it really hard.
    (He he, I'm not even going to say it. And if you aren't thinking it, my mind must be extremely corrupt)