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Sunday, February 21, 2010

M.E. in Wonderland

Yesterday was a blast! Mr. Whiskers' birthday party was even better than I had expected. We left for his place around eleven thirty, and finished getting ready there. That's also where I got to meet a friend of Mr. Whiskers', Kyle. My brother, Mr. Whiskers, Kyle and I had a few good laughs, and then we left (I had to sit on the guys laps the whole way there, because we didn't have enough room in the car! That sucked...). Once there, we all found ourselves in awe at the huge room that Mr. Whiskers' parents had rented for the weekend. It was a villa, really, with at least four rooms, four bathes, a full kitchen, washer and drier, several TV's including a big flat screen TV, a pool table, and more. It was two floors, as well. So add on a staircase leading to the second floor to the list.
The girls stayed on the second floor, and the guys on the first, at least that's what I heard. I didn't get to stay overnight, but I did get to stay there till at least eleven o'clock before my mom came and picked me and my brother up. We didn't get to go in the park itself (just as I had expected), but we all had a blast in my opinion. Kyle and my brother explored the whole hotel (I think it was a six floor hotel, with balconies overlooking the lobby on each floor) together, leaving Mr. Whiskers and I to wander through Downtown Disney, looking through the shops. And boy did we run into a lot of Alice in Wonderland merchandise. It was like we were indeed in Wonderland, following Alice's story from a viewers standpoint. It was everywhere: T-shirts, tea cups, tea, toys, stuffed animals, playing cards, books, aprons, and other merchandise were strewn everywhere, not to mention that they had signs and posters in every window as well. And you know what? I wasn't that surprised, really. I mean, whenever Disneyland has something new coming out, they advertise overly so, selling the new thing like it was water to a bunch of people stuck in a sweltering desert for two weeks. Which is most likely why they are so successful, but whatever. It's also why they'll most likely take over the world some day. Oh yeah, the first worldwide president? Walt Disney, come back from the dead. Because if that happened, and he actually did come back from the dead, he would be the most loved man alive, especially sense he caters to the young, the people who will be running this world when the rest of the adults are too old to do so themselves.
Okay, so enough of my paranoid ramblings, let's just leave it at I had a good time, and I was happy to meet all of Mr. Whiskers' friends from school. And anyway, it was fun not going to the park, because we got to swim and play games like Marco-Polo, and tag, and water polo while in the pool.
And lastly, if any of you are reading (Mr Whiskers' friends, I mean), sorry I don't remember all your names, but at least a shout-out to Kyle, who ran around with my brother and I like a super ninja spy trying to hide from Mr. Whiskers on the various floors of the hotel lobby balconies (and no, we were not being mean to him, we were playing. And yes, I'm a bit too old to be playing like a kid in a hotel, but I don't care. I plan on staying young and fun for as long as possible, which means till I die or otherwise become incapacitated).
Happy birthday again Mr. Whiskers, and blog ya later!
-Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I am adding this on the go, as my reason for not spending the night at the hotel with Mr. Whiskers and his parents and friends is that I (and my family) had previous arrangements: Holy crap I am sore as hell. I knew that I would be hurting after a day of running around like a twelve year old and swimming the rest of day, but this is ridiculous. Everything hurts...Which brings me to my point: When did I get so old? I'm only eighteen, shouldn't I be able to handle this crap without regretting it too much the next day? I remember when I could go to cheerleading practice for several hours, then hike my butt to gymnastics the same day without a worry, then staying up past midnight just because I could...Ah, the good old days...
Okay that's all the complaining I'll be doing about that. Sorry about the whining for a second there.


  1. Just wait till your thirty's little girl. Then you will know what sore is. Glad you had fun, and tell Mr. Whiskers I hope he had a wonderful Birthday. BBB

  2. Will do!!! And not looking forward to my thirties if it just keeps getting worse from here...