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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Festival of Scotland. And Texas. And don't forget Guantanamo.

First of all, I just wanted to do an update on what's happening: this weekend is the Scottish Festival, and the day after that is Valentines day, so we have decided to sort of combine the two. None of us are huge fans of Valentines day to begin with (it's a Hallmark holiday, nothing more. If you want your loved one to know how much you really love them, then pick a random day of the week, month, year, whatever, and show them just how much. You don't need a made up holiday to do that), and we all want to go to the Scottish Festival this year (we haven't gone since I don't know when, and we are all very proud of our Scottish heritage, the Shaw Clan from my mom's side), so we will be celebrating Valentines day by going to IHOP for breakfast. Then we shall be going to the Scottish Festival after that (which is located at the Queen Mary in Long Beach). I don't know exactly what will happen once there, what we'll be buying, who we'll make friends with, whether or not we'll run into more Shaw Clan, or what, so I'll try and post again some time tomorrow, most likely in the late evening, just to let ya know. What I do know is that we're going to have fun, and so is our Nana, who can now come places with us much much easier. Before, we had to stuff us all (five people, holy crap you have no idea how hard that is) into a two door pickup truck, but now, we can all sit luxuriously in our four door Dodge Ram, with a Hemi. Yeah, you heard right, a Hemi. Have I not posted pictures yet? I'm surprised, I wanted to, I guess I just lost track of what I was doing. Hey, here's one now:
Meet Bella, our southern bell! (Everything's bigger and better in Texas, get it?)

Nice, right? And bonus! We have my cat Joey in the shot as well (he's right by the back tire, in case you didn't notice)!!!

Anyway, now that that's through, I'd like to gripe just a little bit: what in the world does our President think he's doing?!? Remember when in election, he said that he would pull all our troops out of Iraq? Well, he lied, evidently. He just sent thirty thousand more troops over, and has not pulled any out. Ugh, am I the only one here getting worked up about this? I mean, he makes all these promises, and instead he just does the exact opposite of said promises! And you know how all our prisons are too full here in America? Well, he's closing Guantanamo Bay. You know, the prison where we keep all our terrorists locked up? Yeah, he's going to disperse all the prisoners from Guantanamo to all of our own prisons, here in the United States. Oh yeah, that'll solve our crowded prisons problem!
Any-way...I'm gonna stop griping now, before I get too worked up and turn this into a super-huge-blog.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.


  1. Your just now b@*$hing about him sending troops over, even after he won the Nobel prize for peace. And closing Guantanamo Bay is just ridiculous, He said he was closing it for humanitarian reasons, people that are in prison should not have any rights, our only hope is that we have patriotic inmates in our jails that they will be going to and they get killed by, drug dealers and other murderer's
    P.S. I like Valentines Day, It does not have to be a Hallmark day, remember we have Dollar tree now. Happy Valentines Day, and enjoy the Scottish Games.BBB

  2. You're right! Screw Hallmark, we have Dollar Tree!!! And from what I hear, "humanitarian reasons" is because the inmates in Guantanamo are being treated TOO well, which is crap if it's true, but they could be wrong. I don't know, obviously I've never been there.