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Friday, December 25, 2009

Some gifts should never be gifts.

Have you ever gotten a gift that is just plain not meant to be a gift? Ever? We all know what I'm talking about. Like the over-sized granny-panties you get from sweet old grandma, or the bottle of wine that you gave to so-and-so, when really he/she is an alcoholic. Well, here's some advice for people who happen to gift like that:

Grannies: Your grandchildren love you, but they do not want underwear for Christmas. Ever. Unless they specifically ask for it. Also, they do not want socks. So instead of those things, why don't you talk to your children and ask them what the grandchildren want. If you have no idea what they are talking about ("my daughter wants an Ipod touch". People, grandparents don't understand what an Ipod touch is), then give the kid some money. You don't have to go all out and give them a hundred dollars or even fifty, twenty bucks should suffice. Also, you might as well just stay away from buying any clothing at all, sense kids these days only wear what their friends think are "cool", and sorry to say but grannies don't know what kids think are "cool".

The single uncle (we all have one): Do not rummage around in your car at the last minute for an old sticky gift card for a church shop, which consists of five bucks (which at a church store can't buy anything, literally). Instead, you can either slip some money in their ("their" being niece/nephew) card (no less than ten bucks, don't be a cheapskate), or you could ask for a wish list, or merely ask the parents what they want. Do not try to be all "cool" and give them something that is inappropriate for their age, instead buy them a video game or something, which is rated E for Everyone. Do not buy them a game like Grand Theft Auto, which is completely inappropriate.

For anyone buying a gift for a child and/or teenager: When in doubt, ask them what they want. They will ramble on and on about all the cool stuff they want, and if you memorize a few, you may just find something that's not five hundred dollars at the electronics shop. Also, if they ask specifically for a certain model or color for whatever item they wanted, you better remember what they said, because they will freak if they don't get their hot pink DS Lite. If you don't have the patience to sit around trying to understand their teenage language, just give them money. You're always safe when you give them money, especially if you're not cheap about it.

For grown-ups buying gifts for other grown-ups: Gift baskets are great, but you better check what's in them, because if there's something they don't like or are allergic to or something in the basket, that would be a sucky gift. Stay away from gifting alcohol of any kind, unless you know for sure that they're not alcoholic. Don't buy anyone books, unless you know exactly which book the person wants. Because books are very personal, and they say a lot about people's personalities. Some people like the sugar-coated love stories, and some people (like me) like to read the dark stuff, the stuff that doesn't necessarily have a good ending. Some people like fiction, and some people like real-life stories. The point is, if you buy someone a book that you love, it doesn't mean that the person you give it to will love it too, you know? So just stay away from buying people books. Well, okay if it's a gag gift kind of book, or you just happen to know that they love that series and do not have that particular volume, then by all means go ahead.
But only if you know for sure what they want.

The best advice I can give for holiday gift-giving, is to just think about things that your friends or family like, and buy them something that relates to whatever it is they enjoy. And if you don't really know what they like, give them something nice, something homemade, something from your heart. They will love it even if they don't like it, if you know what I mean.
Also, to any family or friends who are reading this: You don't have to pay attention to this advice, anything any of you give me I love, and I wouldn't want you to change the gift giving styles that you already have. They work, and I have no complaints on anything I've gotten this Christmas.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Uncle and Aunt: thanks for the gift card to my favorite place on earth (well, at least one of them)!
To Uncle and Aunt in the big damn bus of a home: Thanks and I love you both, and hope to see you soon!
To Mum: Thanks for everything, you always know what I like!
To Dad: Thank you very much, I love everything you and Mum got me!
To Big bro: Thanks you little stinker, hope you enjoy what I got you as much as I enjoy what you got me!
To Nana: Thank you for the moola, now I can take that and the gift card I got and go on a paperback and/or hardbound shopping spree! Mmmm...Nothing better than the smell of paper, glue, and ink mixed in one magic little (or big) package.
To best friend (Mr. Whiskers): Thanks for everything, hope to see you again soon! Although you still owe me, ha ha.
To best friends mom who's like a second mom to me: Love ya, and hope everything with you works out okay! Keep your spirits up, we all need to hear you laugh!
To grandparents: Thanks, and Happy Christmas!


  1. From uncle and aunt, in big bus, thanks for what we have not given you any thing for xmas yet. Love ya not to worry, though you'll get it soon.

  2. Yay, I love gift's! And not to worry on your part either, I'm sending you a little something as well!