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Monday, August 3, 2009

The land of lost items

Have you ever lost something, and no matter how much you look for it, you still can't find it? I have. A lot. Like, my mom lost her bone folder a few years ago, (a bone folder is something you use to fold paper down, like origami) so she bought a new one. Not too much later, she lost the new one, and had to buy another one. Needless to say, she did this several times, and when we moved a few years ago, guess what? We found them all, in the same place, right where we had looked dozens of times. This happens a lot, to things that I know where they were, (because I had a special place for that particular item, and I always kept it in that place) and when I look for it there, in the special place, and it's not there! "Wait a second, I know I put it there...where did it go?!?" I'll tell you where it went. It went to the land-of-the-lost-items!!! A special place where things go when they want to make you feel like a crazy person! Where all lost items aspire to stay, with all their lost buddies, just having a ball, partying and chanting, "We are lost! We are lost! And there's nothing you can do about it! Nah nah, nah nah, nah, nah! Pthbthtbthp!!!" (I have no idea how to make a zerbert sound, but I think that's close enough). Yeah, that's what happens. Items just get tired of us using them all the time, so they disappear into the land of the lost items, and we never see them again, unless they think we've suffered enough, and take pity on us. No, I take that back. They only turn up again, if we buy a replacement for them, and then they're all like, "Ha, ha! You bought a new one and you didn't even have to! because I'm right here!!!" And then you just stand there, holding both the new item that you have already used and therefore can't take back, and the lost item that you just found in the same drawer or whatever that you had looked in a thousand times, and were about to put the new item away in. Let me tell you, lost items are mean, and love to rub it in your face that you're an idiot for not seeing them in plain sight. And I have lots of experience in the lost-item department...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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