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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prepare, for the funniest movie EVER!!!

In this installment of Miss Eccentric's blog, I just want to announce that my best friend has come back from a trip, and him and my brother and I, have finished a movie we were working on! I believe my brother has posted it on youtube, so you can look for it there. It's called: "Really Stupid Movie", and I must say, it's hilarious. If you like it, watch out for the next couple movies called: "Really Stupid Sequel", and "Really Stupid Movie 3.0". It may take a while for us to finish those two, so just be patient, and I'll post an announcement on my blog when we're done with it. Also, since we could only make the movie so long, we didn't get to put the intro that I wrote for it in the actual movie. So I have decided to post that in my blog now, as a sort of teaser for the movie. So here it is:

Once upon a time, there was a Really Stupid Movie. And in this Really Stupid Movie, there were Really Stupid characters, and these Really Stupid characters did Really Stupid things. And though these Really Stupid things that the Really Stupid characters in this Really Stupid movie did are Really Stupid, they mean a lot to the Really Stupid characters, in this really stupid movie. So try not to judge this Really Stupid movie with the Really Stupid characters that do Really Stupid things by saying something like, "that was really stupid". Instead, why don't you watch this Really Stupid Movie with the Really Stupid characters that do Really Stupid things, and at the end, you may then (and only then), tell me what you thought of it. Enjoy!!!

If you like to watch people do Really Stupid things, then I believe this will be the movie for you. Here's hoping that you'll like it...!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. If you do like it, be sure to tell all your friends about it! Also, since it's pretty new, and not very many people have seen it yet, if you want to see it on youtube, you should type in, "idknowstudios- really stupid movie", and you'll find it there (I'm the girl with the white shirt on, and my friend Mr. Whiskers is the one with the cast on).

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