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Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't touch me, I might get expelled!

Did you know that in public school, you're not allowed to hug each other? That's right, you're not allowed to hug, or hold hands with your friends and/or boyfriend (or girlfriend) on school campus. I think that's taking it a bit far, don't you think? I mean, yeah, I don't want kids getting raped or anything, but what's wrong with two kids the same age holding hands? Or hugging? Or (dare I say it!), kissing each other on the cheek? I mean, I can understand if one of the kids has said that he/she doesn't want any of those things from someone, then yeah, they should not be allowed to do all of the above without permission. And if they do it anyway, they should get in trouble. But not expelled from the school, because that's ridiculous. They should get three chances, and if by the third offense they have not learned their lesson, they should get detention. And yeah, if some kid goes as far as to actually molest or rape a fellow student, they should definitely be kicked out of school, and maybe even put in some sort of corrective facility for young people. But if one kid merely hugged another kid without permission, the most they should get is detention. I mean, come on. When I was little (which wasn't that long ago, really), kids hugged or tried to kiss other kids all the time. There was always that one kid, who wasn't afraid of cooties, and ran around trying to kiss all the pretty girls (or boys, if the cootie-fearless kid was a girl). Now, you can't even hold hands. Ooh, while we're on the subject of school kids and cooties, I'd like to state that when one kid hit another kid, it was because they had a crush on the kid they hit. Everyone knew that rule when I was little. Now, that kid would probably be charged with assault and battery, and sent to a prison full of evil criminals who will charge cigarettes for toilet paper, and give them aids because they tattooed them with nasty dirty needles, and then they would grow up, and finally get out of jail, and then go murder the whole school faculty for vengeance, because they blame the school for sending them to jail at such an early age, and then they'll get arrested again, and they'll be sentenced to death, but they'll "accidentally" poison themselves right before they're executed, and that will postpone the execution, and then they'll break out of the hospital that they had to stay at, and then they'll run around outside of the hospital doing a victory dance, and they'll get hit by a school bus and die (talk about irony). Okay, so that's very unlikely...But really, what's the world coming to, if kids can't even hold hands with their friends at school?!?
Anyway, blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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