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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Why do we have to have commercials all over the TV anyway? Why cant we just advertise things on billboards and and stuff? Or, why cant they make a whole channel on TV that only shows commercials, and if you want to see what's out there, you can just watch the commercial channel, and see as many commercials as you want? That would be way better than the stupid commercials getting in the way of our TV watching time. And what's with the nasty commercials about "male enhancement" or "tampons"? Really! I mean, come on! Do we have to see that crap on TV? It's just gross! I don't want to hear about men's down-stairs, or woman's "feminine odor". That's just not necessary. I don't need to hear that. Or see it, for that matter. And what about those commercials for pregnancy tests? The ones where they tell you that their pregnancy test is the most advanced, because theirs is the easiest to read, because (get this) one in five women read their tests wrong. What? How can you read it wrong? It either has a plus sign, (which means "pregnant") or a minus sign (that means "not pregnant"). How hard is it to read that? What, are people so dumb that they're just like, "Hey, that has two little lines in it, like a cross. What does that mean?" "Oh, that's a plus sign." "'Plus sign'...that's good, right?" "Yeah, I think that means you're not pregnant." "Oh, good!" Yeah, right. That will happen. I know we American's are kind of dingy, but I think most of us know how to read directions. I mean, I've never personally seen a pregnancy test box, but I'm pretty sure they have directions on the back. Anyway, I'm gonna stop writing about this, before I get too worked up about it. I could talk about the nasty commercials I see on TV all day if I wanted to...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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  1. I agree completely! If as they say women are too ignorant to "read" the test results on the other brands, then how can they expect women to understand the results on their brand when it has a spelled out word for the result? I mean they are trying to say that the women can't read, right? You would think that if that were true that they just made it more difficult, not easier!