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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because we can

America is the land of because-we-can. We Americans take for granted all the posh things we get, just because we can. I mean, what other country do you know that builds giant statues made from rice-crispy treats, because we can? Any other country would use all that otherwise-wasted-food to eat and to feed the poor, not make inedible statues just to say, "we made a statue out of rice-crispy treats, and I bet you couldn't make one as big as ours!" We also make roller coasters and other thrill rides, and put them on top of large buildings, because we can. How crazy do you have to be to go to the roof of a very tall building (which I would never do, because there is no reason for me to go to the roof of a tall building, when I can be safe and sound on the ground, where I belong), and then ride thrill rides that hang you off the edge of the building, just to get a short lived rush of adrenalin? I mean, really? What's so fun about hanging dangerously over the edge of a building, when if something happens to go wrong, you'll plummet to your death? I don't see it. Also, why do most people have more than three cars? What's the use of that? Why would you need more than two cars, at most, just to drive yourself places you need to go? Because we can, that's why. Or how about how we buy things that we think we want, but end up just throwing it away because we never use said things? Or how when something breaks, we just throw it away and buy a new whatever-it-was, without even trying to fix it? Ooh, or how when a new model of a certain thing comes out, we go out and buy it, when our old model works just fine? Or how woman buy thousand-dollar out-fits (shoes, bags, dresses, etc.), when they have a whole closet full already? Or how about when we have these beautiful gardens, that we hired someone else to create, and when it starts to die (because we didn't water it), we just tear it all out, and plant something completely new, without even trying to bring the slightly brown plants back to life by actually watering them? And back on the subject of wasting large amounts of food, why do we do that, anyway? We just throw away things we don't like, without even thinking that maybe we could give it to someone less fortunate than us (at least less fortunate money wise, because most people who aren't rich, are altogether nicer people than the average rich person), when we could be kind and help someone else, other than ourselves! I wish everyone was more giving, and caring for others...then our country would be a better place...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I will be posting a part two of this blog, I just don't know exactly when yet.

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