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Friday, October 23, 2009

You have got to be kidding me!

...Ugh...I'm so mad...
Alright, so the reason I'm quite pissed-off right now, is Mr. Whiskers didn't get to come over today, nor did he get to spend the night. This is why: his school sucks. Alright, so Mr. Whiskers goes to an artsy high school in the Long Beach Unified School District, and they have a no-tolerance policy, and Mr. Whiskers was accused of concealing a weapon. The weapon of choice: a nail file. He had asked a friend of his (a girl, but not "girlfriend") if he could borrow her nail file, the one that she was using in the open with no problems. She said that she would see him later, and he could give it back then. When he was done with it, he simply put it behind his ear, not realizing that his hair covered it completely and that would look suspicious. A teacher (or guidance councilor, I don't know all the details) stopped him in the hall, and asked him what was behind his ear. Mr. Whiskers froze, not sure what to say (not because he knew he was up to something and didn't want to get caught, but because he just wasn't thinking, and wanted to avoid getting in trouble, and that was just his first instinct) and the teacher (or whatever) reached for him, and he twitched a little (because a dude was reaching toward his face! Wouldn't you twitch a little if some guy was reaching toward your face?) and the teacher grabbed the nail file. The teacher claims that Mr. Whiskers was not only concealing a weapon, but because he flinched at the teacher slightly, he also was "resisting" the teacher, and therefore he got in even more trouble. Well, needless to say, Mr. Whiskers got suspended for two school days, which the school thinks is "taking it easy on him", because concealing a weapon was supposed to be three days suspension ("you have a clean record, so we'll just give you two days"). And get this, he was going to get only four days of detention, but the stupid teacher-guy looked up the rules in his little book, and gave him the suspension instead. And you know what really pisses me off? Not that my best bud since I was four got suspended from school for two days, when he is just now starting to like to go to school and is getting really good grades and now is going to miss two days because of said two day suspension, and not because my best bud since I was four didn't get to come over and spend the night and finish our second movie, but because the school system is discriminatory, and sexist, and I'm sure racist as well. Because if a girl has a nail file with her at school, that's okay. But if a boy happens to have a nail file with him at school, he is concealing a weapon, and therefore gets suspended for two days. Ugh...this is pissing me off a lot...I don't know if I can get over this...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. This is a message for the lovely little school that Mr. Whiskers goes to (not for two days though! *sarcasm*): Screw you, and if Mr. Whiskers' grades suffer dramatically because of you, I hope you get the Swine Flu! So, pthdthdththththththththth!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's a zurbert)

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