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Thursday, October 29, 2009

They took the moo out of milk!

Okay, so I don't know if you all have seen the news lately, but according to it (the news), kids are vitamin D deficient, which when you think about it, it's all their fault!!! Because first of all, everyone is afraid to be out in the sun because they think they'll get sun cancer, but really, it's all in moderation. As long as you don't sit out there in the sun and let yourself get burnt to a crisp, you'll be fine. Now, I'm not saying that sitting in the sun at all is something that you must do, because I don't do that, and I'm fine. But I'm just saying, it wouldn't kill people to spend a little time outside, especially if you take precautions, like putting sun block on before you go out in the sun (duh!). The second reason it is all the news people's fault (or the government, really), is milk: when they pasteurize milk, they are not only taking the bad stuff out, they are also taking all the good stuff as well. Vitamin D being one of the good things. And the funniest part about pasteurization? Once they're done, they then proceed in putting all the good stuff back into the milk, only it's not as good when it's man-made like that. And the suckiest (yes, I know that's not a real word) part? It is illegal to drink milk strait from a cow. Yeah, if you own a cow and milk it yourself, you can drink that. But you can't give it to anyone else, or sell it to anyone. Which is stupid, because un-pasteurized milk is better for you than pasteurized milk is. Hell, the un-pasteurized stuff actually helps you lose weight, and although pastorized milk does too, it's not the same. The un-pastorized stuff is all-around better for you, and I wish we were allowed to buy it in stores, and at least have the choice to drink it if we want to. I think there's some kind of conspiracy here, one where the government doesn't want us drinking regular cow's milk. Because they don't want us to be healthy. Or, because they want to scare us with the news by saying that our kids need more vitamin D, and therefore we will go out and buy more vitamins, and give them all our money by paying tax on the vitamin supplements, and then they will use all that money to take over the world!!! Ooh, or better yet! They want us to drink only the pasteurized milk because when they are putting all the vitamins back, they also put a chemical that works like mind control, making us do things that they want us to do, like giving them all our money, and then using it to take over the world!!! Or, maybe they're taking our money from the tax's that we pay to buy things like vitamin supplements, and using mind control with the stuff they put in pasteurized milk, and coupling it all together to take over the world!!!...

...Anyway, just wanted to add that I have my Aunt and Uncle, Mary and Walt here with us, and they will be staying till Sunday, the day after Halloween. Which is awesome, 'cause we are going to have a full house this Halloween, and everyone is going to get to see all the really cool decorations that we have set up. I think that on Halloween day, when we have everything set up completely, I might take a few pictures, and then I'll post them here on my blog, and anyone reading said awesome blog will get to see how cool the decorations really are. I can hardly wait till Saturday!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I might not blog tomorrow, or the next day, depending on how busy I will be, and how late I will get a chance to go to bed. But we'll see.

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