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Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallows Eve

Okay, so we all just now got done putting all the decorations away, and I, am, pooped. I was a Dminted fairy (duh), so I was running around in my costume the whole time like a mad woman, and that can be very tiring. The funny thing was, I kept saying to people, "happy Easter!" or "happy Christmas!" and no one got it. I was a Dminted fairy, so naturally, the things that came out of my mouth were Dminted (and yeah, I know dminted is really spelled demented, but that's just not dminted enough, so I spelled it differently).
...No one is any fun...
So anyway, we saw a guy dressed up as Where's Waldo, and pointed at him and yelled, "I found Waldo!" and every time I saw him again (which was a lot), I yelled it again, and again, and again. But I didn't annoy him at all, because he was a first-grade teacher. Anyway, Mr. Whiskers (who dressed up as a demon cat named Mr. Snuggles) and my brother and I all got to talking to Waldo (not his real name, obviously), and we convinced him to watch our movie on youtube. He thought it was hilarious, naturally. Also, I didn't get to take pictures myself, but my brother took some, so I'll have to make him email them to me, and then I can put them up and show everyone reading my blog.
Blog ya later, and happy Hanukkah, Miss Eccentric.

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