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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I nearly died in the nude!!!

Today I'm feeling much better, so I've decided to blog about the last time there was an earthquake. My mom and I were getting out of the shower (okay, yeah, so we shower together sometimes. What of it? At least we're "saving the environment"), and we were drying off, and all of the sudden the cabinets began to shake violently, and then the floor moved underneath us, and my mom had to hold onto the handrail that we put up for our Nana, and I fell into her, and the next thing I know, the S-word slips out of my mom's mouth and then mine as well. Now, I pride myself in the fact that I don't cuss. The worst I do is Damn, or Crap, or Bastard, so saying the S-word out loud was quite embarrassing to say the least. But the S-word aside, the only thing my mom and I can both think of when the ground stopped shaking finally (after the laughing fit, of course), was:
We nearly died naked!
Okay, so maybe we didn't nearly die, but when we were holding on for dear-life those few seconds, thoughts like, "what if I died and the firemen came in here and found me naked? That would be a big laugh for them..." were running through my head. And I know firemen and paramedics and what-not must find people naked all the time, but just think about it: two women in a bathroom, butt-naked, buried in the rubble of a bathroom cabinet that had fallen on them. Wouldn't that be humorous? And embarrassing from the dead person's point of view? Anyway, this story has become a big joke between my mom and I, and every time we happen to take a shower together, we always tease, "careful, we might cause another earthquake, and then we'll really die naked this time!" (sarcasm is my friend...)
So be careful while showering in California, you might just die in an earthquake in the nude.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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