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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catch up

Eeek! I am soo sorry I haven't blogged! I mean, I know it's only been, like, four days or something, but that's unusual for me. The reason I haven't blogged is that I'm sick...Don't worry, it's not the Swine-flu or anything, it's just a cold. But I just haven't felt like blogging because I have a sore throat, and plus, my family and I have been working on a lot of Halloween decorating. You see, we're very big on Halloween. We are the biggest decorators in our neighborhood, and we always have this huge spiderweb in the front of our house. And it gets bigger every year. Last year it went front our house, across the yard to the big tree, back to the house, and then to the streetlight pole, but this year, we have it going from our house, to the light post, to the house, to the tree, to the house again, and finally to the electric post. And last year we had a slight tunnel effect going on when you walked through the sidewalk to get to the front porch, but it was more of an archway, so this year we actually have a tunnel that goes the full length of our yard. It, is, awesome!!! We have a few more things to do to it before we can call it done, but expect a few photos of the web soon. Also, my friend Mr. Whiskers came to visit the other day, and he gave me a good practical joke, so here it is:

(I'm going to explain this as instructions, because it would be very difficult to try and trick you when you can read it as much as you want)
So it starts off with a piece of paper. On the paper you write:


You have to write exactly as shown, otherwise the person you're trying this joke on might catch on. You take the now-written-on piece of paper and give it to a friend and/or family member, and say, "I want you to read this, but in front of every word, I want you to add the word, 'cows'."
It will go something like this (if they get it right...you might have to explain a little):

"Cows cows,
Cows about,
Cows talking,
Cows idiot,
Cows this,
Cows got,
Cows I,
Cows long,
Cows how,
Cows look."

Once they're done with that, tell them, "now, I want you to read this again, but after each word, I want you to add the word, 'cows'."
It will go like this:

"Cows cows,
About cows,
Talking cows,
Idiot cows,
This cows,
Got cows,
I cows,
Long cows,
How cows,
Look cows."

If your friend has not lost interest by now, then you now convince them to do it one more time. Only this time, you say, "now I want you to say it one more time, but this time before and after each word I want you to add the word 'cows'."
It will go like this:

"Cows cows cows,
Cows about cows,
Cows talking cows,
Cows idiot cows,
Cows this cows,
Cows got cows,
Cows I cows,
Cows long cows,
Cows how cows,
Cows look cows."

Now, if your friend still has not figured it out, you go on to say, "now I want you to read the piece of paper from the bottom up." And try not to laugh at them, or they might catch on finally.
It will go like this:


(That's just the writing on the piece of paper starting from the bottom up)
Mr. Whiskers tried this joke on my brother, and it worked. Hope you enjoy, and use it wisely!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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