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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pets love me (and my family).

Alright, so I've been meaning to write a small blog about our pet (not really, because he's wild) pigeon (or Rock Dove if you want to use their proper name), that we call Norm (which is short for Norman). He's a big black pigeon, with white feathers on his wings. He comes by our back yard everyday, for a while now, and hangs out until we feed him. He's very friendly, and I can get mere inches away from him before he starts getting nervous. He's really cute when he comes over too. We can be inside the house in the morning, and all the sudden we'll hear a can banging around in the back yard. We know automatically that it's Norm, because this is the morning routine. We (one of us, me mostly if I get the chance) then go out back, and sure enough, there Norm will be, banging the little can on the ground, the one we use to scoop the bird seed. When I pick up the can and go to the garage to scoop the food up, Norm will follow me around like a little puppy. Once he sees me scoop the food, he quickly trots over to the spot on the ground where we generally put the food, and waits patiently for me to dump it out. The moment I start pouring it, he rushes the food, even if my hand is still in the way. He doesn't seem to mind if I get close enough to touch him, which is just like any animal we (me and my family) come across. Every time we come across a stray cat, or bird, or whatever, they always end up getting attached to us, and extremely trusting of us. We also have a friend we call Jingle, a small black stray cat, whom has decided that he likes us a lot. My mom and I were watering out front one day (not too long ago), and Jingle just came right up to us, meowing, and started rubbing on us, and purring, and carrying on. We hung out with him a little while, petting him, and scratching his belly, and he became attached to us, much like all the other pets we have acquired through the years (currently, we only have two very spoiled house cats, but at one point, we had three cats, a dog, and my mom's mom's cat, who we took care of most of the time). He now comes over every other day, just to say hi, and get some love, via petting and hugging, and feeding. And, earlier this year, we had a female humming bird make a nest in our little tree in the back yard. She had two eggs, which both hatched. They were adorable. The humming bird is gone now, with her babies, but the point is, animals seem to love us a lot. And personally, I'm not complaining.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Some time I'll have to post a blog all about how we took in our two cats.

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