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I lied. This is not, in fact, a "directory" as the title above might suggest...This is merely a warning of what you might find on this blog. I believe I have already warned you of the insane ramblings archived in this blog, but I must say, if you are not prepared for the tomfooleries that can be found here, you might just want to close this tab, shut your computer down, and walk away slowly in order to keep your OWN sanity in check. Fair warning >;)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome, to adulthood!

Tomorrow (the sixth), is my eighteenth birthday! Yay!!! I will be officially an adult, as of tomorrow! So since it's my birthday tomorrow, I -for obvious reasons- will not be posting any blogs on that day, since I won't really have time to do it. But, maybe the next day I'll have enough time to actually write-out a proper blog, and then you won't have to be so mad at me for not blogging (I sure hope you're not mad at me!). Anyway, I also wanted to mention that my best bud Mr. Whiskers (that's not really his name, in-case you were wondering. I just don't want to drop any real names, you know?) is coming over, and we may get to film our second movie a little bit. But I don't know for sure. Okay, I'm gonna sign off now, so, bye!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Sorry this was so short, I just didn't have enough time today to write a full blog. So you'll just have to wait until Monday for a new blog. Wha ha ha ha ha! (that's an evil laugh, just so you know. Although, I guess I could have spelled it, "mua ha ha ha ha!" too. But whatever. I was just in the moment as I wrote that evil laugh. So there).

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