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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chia Obama?

Last night, me and my family were watching TV, and a commercial for Chia pets came on. You remember those, right? They're the little pots that are shaped like an animal or cartoon character, and when you water them, their grows into a nice little green plant. Well, the new Chia pet they were advertising was (get this), a "Chia Obama". Oh, yes. You are not hallucinating, I really did write "Chia Obama". And yes, if you are thinking of the Obama that is our current president, you are completely correct. Upon seeing this commercial about the new Chia pet that is shaped like Barack Obama, all I was thinking was, "wait, what?". I mean, if you think about that, making a Chia pet out of the president of the United States of America is quite disrespectful. And also, if you think about it, that's kind of racist, in a way. I mean, when the Chia Obama's "hair" grows out really long, it will look like an afro, and that's stereotypical, isn't it? And I don't see any Chia pets made for former president Bush, do I? No. Why make one for Obama only? It's like they're making fun of him, or something. Now I only just turned eighteen earlier this month, so I have never voted, and therefore did not vote for Obama, and really, I don't care about the governmaent enough to get bunched up about it, but I do respect the president, because his job is hard, and none of us really know exactly how hard. And, he had to do something right to get there, didn't he? But whatever. The point is, whether or not you voted for him, or even like him, he is the current president, and deserves a little better than to get a stupid cheesy Chia pet made in his likeness. That's just not right. I mean, what's next, are they going to make a "Chia God"? "Just for those hard-core believers!" It's mocking, and disrespectful, and stupid.

DON'T MISS IT! IT'S THE NEW CHIA MISS ECCENTRIC!!! Ch-ch-ch-Chia!!! (that's the song)
(Not in stores now, because it's not real...)

Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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