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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breakfast for dinner

Okay, so I know this is pretty random, but I just wanted to share my favorite dinner-food with you. Which is...breakfast!!! Now, I know that my family and I are not the only people that eat breakfast for dinner, so don't think I'm crazy or anything. Alright, so when we have breakfast for dinner, we don't have just anything that you might find at a breakfast table. We have the ultimate breakfast food: waffles with peanut butter! Yes, you heard right! And yes, it might sound weird, but it, is, awesome!!! You see, what you do is: first, you put butter on the waffle, and make sure it gets a little bit in each square, then you put peanut butter on it, then you put hot syrup on top of that, so it melts the peanut butter into the little squares, and it tastes really good! So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all, so next time you have waffles, you think to yourself, "hey, maybe I should try having peanut butter on this waffle, because that Miss Eccentric girl that I love so much said it was good". Yeah, because you know you love me. How could you not? You won't regret trying it the way I like it (back on the waffle subject. Keep up!). Well, you might if you're allergic to peanuts. Or if you just don't like peanut butter. But really, who doesn't like peanut butter? (Just so you know, that's a rhetorical question) Everyone likes peanut butter. I mean, how could you not like the way it gets stuck to your tongue, and the only way to get it off is to either keep licking at it like that one dog in that one commercial a few years back, that licked a spoon with peanut butter on it, and just kept on trying to get it off its tongue by licking it, or you could get a glass of milk to wash it down (I suggest a glass of milk, unless you really want your tongue to get tired). The funny story about how I figured out that peanut butter on waffles was really good is, my great-grandfather always had ate his waffles that way, and he was at a restaurant one time, and he ordered a side of peanut butter with his waffles, and the waitress thought he was kind of weird, so he just told her to try it the way he did it, and that she would like it if she did, and the next time she saw him, she said he was right, that she had tried it, and she really liked it, and she couldn't have waffles without peanut butter anymore. *sigh* Wow, good thing I wrote all that instead of saying it, or I would have passed out from lack of oxygen. Anyway, that's not even the only person he turned. He turned many other people, including one of my favorite uncles (not a blood uncle, but definitely an uncle in my heart, and thankfully for me, not the only one), who can not have waffles any other way now either. Alright, so back to the point, which is how I learned of the magical powers of peanut butter on waffles: my mom told me about this (having eaten herself with my Popa as a child), and I tried it myself, and now I can't have a waffle any other way too. It's like a vicious cycle...and now, I shared the joy with you ("sharing the joy" is an expression me and my brother made up, which describes an action like: you're humming a song, because it has been stuck in your head all day, and then you share the joy, by getting it stuck in another persons head, and then they hum the song all day, and share the joy with someone else, who shares the joy with someone else, etc. etc. this can be used for just about anything, but the art of sharing the joy really works better with an annoying song, like the "Ice-cream cake" song in that one commercial. Yeah, real descriptive, right?)

Where was I? Oh yeah!

And now, I shared the joy with you, and you will share the joy with someone you know. And thus, the cycle continues...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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