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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Grinch who stole christmas. Oh, excuse me, I meant the SCHOOL who stole christmas. My bad.

Okay, so don't ask me which schools exactly, but I hear that some schools are banning Christmas. What?!? Yeah, certain schools are banning Christmas! They are killing the spirit of every Christian child in the world! They are killing Jesus himself! Little baby Jesus, who's birthday we Christians celebrate. Next thing you know, they'll ban Easter from schools! Then the children don't even get to celebrate Jesus coming back to life! What about the bunnies? Are they just going to be ignored? What about the cute little chicks? Or the candy? What is the world coming to, if children can't even celebrate their own religion? It's a conspiracy! They want to ruin the spirit of Christmas, so kids will grow up cold, with no hope in life, and they'll just be zombies, walking through life with no imaginations at all! Fun will die, and the world will come to an end!
Okay, so maybe I'm being a wee-bit overly dramatic...Especially since the schools are merely banning children from giving each other Christmas cards, and singing Christmas carols, so the other kids who do not celebrate Christmas (or related holidays) don't feel left-out. Wait, WHAT AM I SAYING!!!???!!! Why should they have to ban Christmas, just so other kids don't feel left out? Instead of banning holidays that some children celebrate, and not allowing them to share the Christmas cheer with their friends, why don't they celebrate all the other religion's holidays (at least the major ones, because if we do all of them, ever day will be a holiday), so every child in the school gets to share their religion, not just the Christians, or the Catholic, or the Jewish, or whatever. Hm? Why don't they do that, why don't they make it even, so that nobody feels left out? That way, people can feel closer to each other, because they have shared their religion with their friends. And you know, that would be very educational. I mean, really, learning about other peoples religions can be useful in the long-run, I'm sure. Just think about it, if your child knows about other religions other than their own, then when they grow up, and become the boss at their company or whatever, they will know when their employees are lying about holidays that they have requested to have off of work. It could go like, "Can I have Kwanzaa off?" "I thought you were Jewish?" "I am." And your kid could either not know any better, and let their employee off, or they could say back, "But Jewish people don't celebrate Kwanzaa", and rub it in their faces. Not that that's how it goes anyway, but hey, I made my point.
...I think...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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