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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Because we can, part two:

Okay, so I lied again. I said I would blog on Monday, and here it is Tuesday, and I'm only just now blogging. But hey, I was busy yesterday, and I just didn't find the time to sit down and write. So anyway, I have decided to add a little to the "Because we can" blog that I posted a little while ago, so here we go...

Like I said in part one of this blog, America is the land of because-we-can. We are the only country that truly does simply outrageous things just because we can, not because it's tradition, or a right-of-passage, or whatever. For instance, we build these extremely fast cars, that we are always trying to make go faster, just because we think watching (or driving) something really fast is fun. We have maids and babysitters, to clean-up after our messes, and raise our children that we decided to make in the first place. When we can't have something we want, -like a baby for instance- we go and get artificially inseminated, and (not to repeat myself or anything) we hire babysitters to raise said baby that we wanted so badly in the first place, the moment it's born. We jump out of airplanes, free fall, and then parachute to the ground, and call it a "sport" (which I think that sky-diving is the most stupid thing we have thought up yet. I mean, why would you want to jump out of an airplane, anyway? Isn't that the whole point of inventing an airplane, to keep us in the air? I don't see the point). We jump off of numerous tall buildings on a glorified giant rubber-band, called a bungee-cord, call it "bungee jumping", and think it's just super fun (also very, very stupid. I mean, what if the cord breaks? Yeah, yeah, it's "safe", but I don't believe you). We create cars that can drive on land, and on water, and cars that can drive on land, and under water (actually, I'm not too sure that we were the first country to invent either of those, but we sure did take to the idea pretty quickly, didn't we?). We made cellphones, for little kids. I don't know about you, but that sounds ridiculous. I mean, I realize they're just trying to make it safer for kids these days, so they don't get lost, or kidnapped, but really. I didn't get my cellphone till I was like, fourteen or fifteen. So really, why do toddlers get to have cellphones? That's not really fair...Anyway, we breed animals (mainly dogs), just so we can make them smaller, and easier to carry around in our purses. And really, if you think about it, that's just a sick joke from nature. Especially Chihuahua's. I mean, have you ever seen one up-close? They're just pathetic. They're not even dogs, in my opinion. They're just little rat-dogs. It's sad. We make video games. That's enough-said just right there, but I think I'll elaborate anyway. We make video games bigger and better every year (or week, if you're going on computer years. You know, because a week or a month is like, forever in computer years), with better graphics, larger memory, and longer story lines, and don't forget the big-bad cheat-codes that are a must-have if you ever even think about finishing the game, just so we can entertain ourselves, oh, and don't forget turn our kids brains into mush. We do all these things, because we want to. Because we have nothing better to do. Because we enjoy saying to other countries, "ha, we did this, and you didn't!". Because, we can. And truthfully, I think we need to stop paying so much attention to things that we want, just to entertain ourselves, and instead pay more attention to things we need. Like a cure for Cancer, or Heart Disease, or Diabetes, and other disease that we currently can not cure, but is extremely too common in our country. We need to take a stand, and make our country a better place, for everyone in it. We need to help our people out, not fire them, or council their insurance coverage because they have contracted a disease, or medical condition, or push them out on the streets, because they have no house to go "home" to, or all of the above and worse. We need to get off our video-game-playing, TV-watching, junk-food-eating, plane-jumping, fast-driving, can't-raise-our-own-children, get-whatever-we-want-lazy-bone-butts, and do something that will make a difference, something productive, and hopefully something that has nothing to do with our own entertainment values. Ha, think on that!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Just because I have displayed a certain, "dislike" for the above subjects that we American's tend to over-do, does not mean that I myself do not like some of those things, like TV and video games. They do have their place in this country. Heck, this world, and I do enjoy them. Hey, I'm only human. But it doesn't mean I have to like it...

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