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Monday, September 28, 2009

How can you think with all that hair?

Now, I know I am not crazy, surly everyone has noticed the trend with teenagers today. The trend that states that your hair must be cut in a way so that it is always in your face. First, you part your hair to one side dramatically, then you cut long swooping bangs that hang in your face all the time, then to top it all off, you constantly run your fingers through it to keep it to that one side, yet still in your face. I don't know about you, but this emo-like hair style just does not work for me, especially when it is done on guys. It just makes them look stupid. The hair style that is making great headway lately that I do actually like on guys, is the "Edward Cullen look" (the hot vampire of the movie Twilight, duh), the one with the accidentally-on-purpose-messy-spiked-thing going on (I don't know any better way of explaining that particular hair style). That one actually looks cool. But the weird swoop-hair-do does not look cool at all, whether on girls, or boys. My hair, for instance, is long (down far enough now to reach back and grab it behind my back), naturally strait (no straitening for me, ha!), and is cut in a normal fashion, just strait, normal hair. And yes, okay, so I do part it to one side, but not so much that it's all-up-in-my face, covering a whole eye. And you know what? I get a lot of comments on how pretty my hair is, especially from actual hair-dressers. Now I don't mean to brag, or anything (okay, maybe a little), but everyone always likes how my hair is so healthy (I don't ever color it, or straiten it, or do anything to it that can damage it), and they wish their hair looked as good. And I like my hair, even the color (a dark brown, light if I've been in the sun a lot, with a bit of red in it, and a sort of gold-ish tone when viewed in the light, especially around the scalp, where all the baby-fuzz is), and I wouldn't want to change it or cut it to match a fad, ever. Okay, so going back to the topic of this blog, I must comment on one more thing: how can they think with all that hair, anyway? I mean, I know that when I have my hair down, I can't concentrate properly, and therefore end up putting it in a bun, or pony-tail, so it doesn't just hang there in my face, obstructing my view of the book I'm reading, or the game I'm playing, or the blog I'm writing, or whatever else I am doing at that moment that takes a certain amount of concentration. But these people who cut their hair in that weird swooping manner, they must have it doubly tough, and I have no idea how they can think with their hair in there eyes. Actually, that could be why teenagers today aren't so smart. Because they can't think with all that hair, and therefore they aren't thinking enough to actually be smart, and pay attention in class, or stand up to peer pressure, and say no to the things that come with it. They don't think enough for themselves, and I am blaming the hair. Well, maybe the hair is just a metaphor for the problem with teens (and lets face it, pre-teens) today, not the actual cause of said problems. But whatever. I suggest that we all say "no" to the swoop-hair-do, and stop the teen stupidity! We can change the way people see teenagers, if only we changed the way teenagers act, by making them smart, and cutting their hair! And also, pulling up their pants, because lets face it, there is nothing sexy about seeing the skid-marks on a teen guy's boxer shorts. And yes, I actual have seen skid-marks on guys boxers before, and the idiot wouldn't pull his pants up to hide it. And ladies, there is also nothing sexy about showing-off your thong. Guys will just see you as an easy girl, and that's all. You will never get a guy who respects you if upon meeting you all he sees is a thong hanging out in the open for everyone to see.


Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I thought that I should just state that I have no problems with guys or girls with their hair hanging in their face, per-say. I only have a problem with the weird swoop-crap.

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