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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've got the GICS!

I, am so sorry for not blogging for several days, but I have to say, I do have a pretty good excuse: I was busy. Okay, so that's not a very good excuse at all, but hey. I really was busy (playing RuneScape! ha ha). Anyway, today's blog is about how I seem to have a problem with going in circles a lot lately (let's face it, this isn't a new problem. Its been going on for a while). You see, I can just be doing something in the house, or at the store, or whatever, and I'll just stand there and go in circles, not knowing where to go first. I have to say, I know that I look like a total dork when I do that, but I also know for a fact that I'm not the only one to do it. My mom does it, for one. So I know I'm not the only freak in the world that goes in circles because they forgot where they were going, or just didn't know what they were going to do first. And this going-in-circles-syndrome (GICS, we'll call it) tends to get worse when I'm getting ready for company to come to our house, like on my birthday. We had some friends and family coming over, and I just kept going in circles trying to get the food and what-not ready. And GICS doesn't just stop at when you're trying to get ready for someone to visit, or when you're in a rush, or whatever. It can also effect how you talk, write, read, play games, drive, etc. etc. It can effect just about anything in your life. Like, I know for a fact that I tend to talk and write (and especially think) in circles, so whenever I'm talking to someone, they get confused and don't really know what I'm trying to say. My train of thought can get pretty out-there, going from talking about football, to thinking about football, then what comes with watching football, like when it's super-bowl (you know, you always eat chips, salsa, guacamole, etc.), to how I like guacamole a lot, to that one line in Austin Powers: Gold Member, when number two walks in, and Austin is all taken-aback by the giant mole on his face, and he says, "I'd like to cut that up and make some guacamole!" (or something along those lines), and then how I do think that Austin Powers is one hilarious movie, and how the actor is also quite hilarious, and how I like the movie The Love Guru, and how to this day I like to do that one hand shake ("give me a pound, lock it down, break the pickle, tickle tickle!), and how I'm very ticklish, but don't like to be tickled too much, then (I could keep going with this train of thought for at least five times the amount of time I've spent on it so far, but I'll just stop it now for your sake) I'll come out and say something like, "are you ticklish?" without explaining to the person I was talking to how I got to that, when we were just talking about football. Now you can see why people tend to think that I am very random, and that I may have ADD. Which, really, I wouldn't be surprised, since I tend to lose interest quickly, and I'll be on one thing one second, then I'll switch full gears onto something completely different the next. Like now, how I was talking about going in circles, and now I've somehow gotten to the fact that I may have ADD. Of course, I also have a slight OCD problem as well, but that's a whole other blog. Anyway, I don't know if any of you have suffered from GICS, but for me, it's part of an every day struggle. Although, it's not really a struggle, because I'm used to it, and I wouldn't be the same person if I wasn't totally out-there like all my friends and family know I am. So, anyway. Hello, my name is Miss Eccentric (not really), and I have Going-in-circles-syndrome. I have been sober, well, never. If you happen to suffer from GICS like me, just leave a comment on the subject, and how it effects you, and I can help you. GICS doesn't have to run your life. You don't have to be dizzy twenty-four-seven, from going in circles, and you don't need to explain your crazy train of thought to everyone you talk to. You can manage this syndrome, and you can live like a normal, strait-walking, strait-thinking person.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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