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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Bloggiversary to Moi!

It has officially been a year since I have created this very blog, and posted for the very first time. I see this as a major milestone for me, and I thought it would be nice to go back and revisit my first month of blogging, the very beginning of a blogging era for me.
My journey with the written word over the past year has taken me far, starting out with a Blog about Vlogs, and going on to everything from mascara that vibrates, to venting out frustrations, my Nana not respecting my privacy, electronics hating me (and yes that's so true), people being illiterate and not writing letters anymore, news casters acting just like each other, idiotic people who think sanding my skin will help get rid of unwanted hair, to the makers of Harry Potter killing Fleur, and finally haunted records finding a dead mom's son. And all this in my first month of being a blogger-extraordinaire. I have learned so much in this past year, and I feel blessed to know that my writing skills have grown since I started this blog. Since I graduated high school and got my very own laptop, and got talked into making a blog account by my big brother. And not only have I learned how to write better, to express my feelings through words alone and live my greatest dream, but I have also gained responsibility, and confidence enough to not only share my thoughts but to also create another blog to share my heart, my soul, my stories. Which to me seemed an impossible feat before this blog.
I have grown. I am no longer just a young girl who likes to read and write, I am now a young woman who loves and appreciates everything about the written word and aspires to become a published author. I am not afraid. I have acknowledged some of my greatest fears and insecurities (the ones that prevented me from sharing my work for fear that I would be criticized), and I have overcome them. I am a bigger person. And, I am no longer electronically impaired. Well, okay, I'll admit that I'm still electronically impaired for the most part, but I've branched out and learned everything about blogs, and have even become a Facebooker. Whereas before I couldn't even type without hunting-and-pecking.
And now, after a years worth of blogging, I continue on, venting my thoughts and learning more and more as I go. And hey, maybe some day (sooner rather than later, I hope) I'll come to this blog and post about my first published book. So until then, I wish a very Happy Blogging to all (if any) of the people who have followed me from the beginning! I hope to never cease the paranoid rant that is this blog.

Au revoir!

-Miss Eccentric.
P.S. I wanted to make this Bloggiversary tribute a lot longer, but I said everything I needed to, and I didn't want to rant on and on boringly.


  1. Happy Bloggiversary to you, it has been a ride and alot of fun for us all! I really hope that you can blog for 20 more years at least so that I have something funny to read even when I don't have a good book!!!! Love you

  2. Me too, Mumma bear! I just hope twenty years from now blogs don't become the next out-of-date thing on the internet. You know, how things that were cool no more than a year ago are like, SUPER ancient now? Yeah. It's ridiculous how fast things go out of style on the 'net. Like saying "on the 'net". That is SO lame and five minutes ago. Whatev. Peace out!

  3. Super Duper Blogiversary to you little stuff. As always keep up the great work. I don't always comment, but I always read your blog and your stories. Love You's BBB
    P.S love the new look

  4. Thanks Marynater! Luvs to you too!!!