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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stuck in my own thoughtful thoughts...

Okay, so I was just ranting my thoughts on my Facebook page a moment ago, and for some reason, I caught myself ranting on and on about being thoughtful. But as I explained in a very crazy-woman-rant kind of way on my Facebook, not the kind of thoughtful that means I care about something, or I did something nice for someone, but more like the evil-genius-thinking-up-a-diabolical-plan-to-rule-the-world, kind of thoughtful. Well anyway, I was saying on my Status that earlier today, when I was standing next to my mum, I felt shorter than usual. Which is strange, given the fact that there is no way I could have shrunk over night. Which got me thinking how strange the human brain can be...I mean, one moment you feel normal, and the next, you perceive yourself as shorter, or taller, or whatever else. Yet you know that there is no way you changed so dramatically in one night, so why would you feel as if you had? My theory is that our brains play these tricks on us as a way of telling us, "oh, I know you haven't noticed because you live with me every day, but I've been changing through the years!" And then one day you wake up and you realize that your brain is right, that you have changed and simply haven't noticed because you see and feel yourself all day every day. Like, if you meet up with an old friend, and they say something along the lines of, "wow, you've changed so much!", and you can't figure out why they would think that, because you feel the same as you always did. When in reality, you've been changing and growing gradually through the years nonstop. Yet, even though I know all this, I can't help but asking myself: Has the process of shrinking as you get older already begun when technically, I should have more growing to do? I mean, what else would explain the feeling that I'm shorter than usual? Perhaps my mum just so happened to be standing straighter than usual, or perhaps I had a bad night's sleep and was slouching a bit more than usual, although both are unlikely because first, I stood real straight to make sure it wasn't that, and second, my mum always stands normally. Neither of us have ever really been slouchers. So what is it then? Whatever it is, it's quite strange indeed...

Moving on...Don't mind me, when I'm in thoughtful moods like this I tend to analyze and question everything. It's as if I get stuck in my own thoughts, and they can't help but think of strange things like feeling shorter when I know I'm not and then ranting on and on about it when I know I sound like a madwoman from a crazy-bin but really if you think about it I can't help but rant like this because I am a bit crazy at times and it's just in my nature to lock myself in my own strange thoughts sometimes and really confuse the people around me because I sit there staring off into space for a while and then all the sudden come out and say something completely random like "I feel kind of shorter today than I did yesterday" and then go on and compare my thoughtfulness to the inner workings of an evil genius who is thinking up a diabolical plan to rule the world and then clarify that my thoughtfulness is indeed not in the slightest like caring about something or doing something nice for someone when they didn't ask but instead more like the inner workings of an evil genius who is thinking up a diabolical plan to rule the world and then repeating myself just to get the point across or maybe just because I can and I somehow think it's amusing to act crazy and rant on and on about nothing in particular except for my own crazy thoughts in which I think thoughtful things that are not thoughtful but evil thoughts of taking over the world and oops I've already said that a whole lot but hey at least I said it slightly differently than last time and ooh look at the time I've been sitting here ranting for too long I should stop this before I sound too crazy and annoying but I don't know how to stop this oh my God I can't stop this is getting ridiculous but boy am I typing fast right now this reminds me of the episode of House when Dr. House thought that Wilson was taking antidepressants and he wanted to prove it so he slipped some speed in his coffee and then Wilson was so hyper he couldn't even put his gloves on to examine a patient and then when he confronted House he asked him for one of his Vicodin 's because he thought his heart was going to explode otherwise and oh great here I am still ranting I'm not even using periods or comma's holy crap I can't stop this is not good someone stop me hey this reminds me of a blog I did a while ago where I was ranting sort of like this and I got going like this and I couldn't stop like this and wow I'm saying like this a lot and anyway I said I wouldn't ever be able to stop unless I went cold turkey so maybe I should just-

(Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric)


  1. Help my daughter has gone around the bend, loop the f#&*ing loop (Sherlly Valentine). The truly interesting thing is everyone has these thoughts but not everyone will say it out loud. I am truly proud that you speak the truth at all costs.

  2. Some may call it a character flaw, I call it honesty.