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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You want me to SAND my skin?

Have you ever heard of this product that you use to get rid of unwanted hair? It's this thing that you use kind of like sand paper that's supposed to get rid of hair, by sanding it off. When I saw the commercial for this product, I was just thinking, "what? you want me to sand my skin? ouch!" They say it doesn't hurt at all, and that it's safe to use on your lip or legs or even armpits, and that its supposed to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Well, yeah! You're sanding your skin! Of course it's going to feel soft! That's what sanding does! It makes things soft! My mom and aunt and I were at the store shortly after we first saw this commercial, and we found this product, and checked it out. When we opened it up to see, we found out that this stuff is actually sand paper. Just sand paper that had its own fancy holder thing. My mom tried it out on her arm, to see if it worked, and it did. Sort of. You see, my mom's hair is very fair. So you couldn't see it on her arms to begin with. So when she sanded her arm with this stuff, not only did it miss most of the hair, but it made my mom's skin very red and raw looking. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because she, oh I don't know, sanded her skin! When we got home, we started talking about it again, and we were thinking, since they used sand paper as a hair removal product, and they think that works, they should try using an electric sander! That will work twice as good as regular sand paper! And talk about exfoliating! You'll have very soft skin! Even better, you'll have no skin at all! Now that's a good product!
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