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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why don't people write letters anymore?

Whats wrong with writing a letter? Nobody ever writes letters to each other. I don't see what the problem is. Whats so great about Texting? Or emails? Or IM's? What, they cant spell correctly, or use proper grammar? So they just abbreviate everything, because they're too lazy to type or (god forbid) actually write the words on paper, with a pen? Did you know that they don't teach kids these days how to improve their handwriting? In the old days, (when my Nana was in school) They actually had handwriting lessons, where they'd teach you how to use the Palmer Method (for all you grammatically impaired, that just means its a fancy way to write in cursive). But they don't teach that stuff in school anymore. In fact, they don't even teach you how to hold a pen correctly. Now I don't mean to brag, but I know how to hold the pen correctly, and how to write in longhand. My cursive is impeccable, and I make sure it stays that way by practicing. I have even taken up writing with a quill and ink, on parchment, and I'm getting better at calligraphy. I find the art of writing to be quite fascinating, but for some reason, other people my age don't seem to care what their handwriting is like, or how proper their grammar is. Whenever someone says, "just write me" they always mean by Email, or Text, and so-on and so-forth. I think that when someone says "just write me", we should send an actual letter, by post. Post meaning mail, like the kind of mail you get your bills in, or the kind of mail you get that annoying junk mail in. Not "you've got mail" from the stupid electronic device that runs your life. Now don't get me wrong, I love my little laptop a lot, but I don't worship over it like some false god or something. I don't spend my whole life withering away in front of it, or even putting all my personal affairs into the little thing, and trusting it with my life in the process. I use it more or less as an electronic type writer, and of course in my free time in the day, I post blogs. But I don't go crazy about it. In fact, I haven't even downloaded anything on to it, including games. In my opinion, games should be played on game systems, conversations should be taken place in person or on the phone, information should be gathered in a dictionary or library, letters should be hand written and sent in the mail, and lives shouldn't be wasted watching youtube. I for one, am not an electronic zombie.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Did you know that the word "Texting" isn't even in the dictionary?


  1. Texting is not a verb. I hope it remains that way. I couldn't agree with you more on this subject. I have made it a resolution of mine to start writing letters and to use, as often as possible, hand-writing as an alternative to email.

    I found this post by accident whilst searching for a favourite site of mine but I'm glad. This is a good cause to campaign for!

  2. I totally agree with you. I miss so much that not so far time when writting a letter was not considered to be as an old-fashioned kind of email just between bohemian people!