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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are you TRYING to poke my eye out?

Just recently, I was watching TV with my mom and my brother (yeah, so I watch TV with my mom and my brother. I also watch TV with my mom, brother and dad at the same time. So what? We all like each others company. It's not a crime), and a commercial came on, advertising a new mascara. And get this, the new mascara in question, actually vibrates! Yeah, you read right, it vibrates! It's supposed to be the newest technology in mascara. They say that the vibrating mascara stick helps to separate the eyelashes, and therefore make it appear that you have longer lashes. But all I'm thinking is, "what, are you trying to poke my eye out?" I mean, come on. Just think about it: The mascara stick that you are about to touch your eyelashes with, is vibrating. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but your eyelashes are really close to your eyes! I mean, you're going to be putting mascara on, with this vibrating thing, and you're going to get up to your eye, and you're either going to poke your own eye out, and go blind, or you're going to splatter mascara all over your face. You'll be going out, and people will be staring at you, because you have little black specks all over your face! "Oh, no. That's not a mole, that's just mascara." Yeah, real effective. I for one, am never using that particular mascara. I think I like being able to see, thank you very much. Well, actually, it might be worth it, just so you can sue the makers when you do poke your eye out.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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