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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I need to vent...

In this installment of Miss Eccentrics blog, I have decided that I need to vent a little about things that bug me. First, whats up with people talking on their phones when they're driving? I mean, its supposed to be illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone, unless you use a blue-tooth. So why do people still drive with their cells attached to the side of their faces? It's stupid, and I don't like it. I for one don't like the idea that I could get hit just because someone was stupid enough to talk on their idiotic phones instead of paying attention to what they were doing. Not that I even drive, (I cant afford a car in this economy, can I? no. but who can?) but that's
beside the point.

Also, why cant people read a book anymore? Whats wrong with a good novel? Nothing in my opinion. In fact, besides writing, reading is one of my favorite activities. But try and get a teenager to read a book, and see how far you get with that. When I was at the book store not so long ago, (yeah, I buy a lot of books. so what. I told you I like reading.) I overheard some teenage boys talking, and they were like, "wheres a 'mid summer nights dream?'" but they couldn't even remember the whole title. It took them a minute to say the whole thing. And I was thinking, "what?! who doesn't know 'a mid summer nights dream'? its a classic. Of course, you probably think I'm a total geek, but whatever. Its not like I've actually read that particular book, but I have heard of it a lot. So, there.

While we're on the subject of teenagers, I'd just like to mention, TEENAGERS HAVE A REALLY BAD REP!!! I don't like to be associated with teenagers, because I'm not like them, and I don't like people to judge me just because of my age. For instance: when you enter a movie theater, the adults that work there look at you like you're going to make trouble. And when you try to strike a conversation up with an adult, and you sound very mature, (as I do when I talk to adults) then they act all surprised. Like teenagers don't know how to act civilized, or something, and they cant believe that they have just found the only civilized teenager alive. Then they start asking you how old you are, because they cant believe that you actually are a teenager. And when you tell them, they say stuff like, "really? I thought you were older. you're too polite to be a teenager, ha ha ha." I wish adults would stop assuming that because I'm a teenager, I'm automatically going to be a ditz who just sits there and texts all day.

And finally, what is it about me that says, "twelve year old"? Every time I meet someone new, they always think I'm twelve or thirteen at first, and I'm seventeen. I'm not a child. I've graduated, thank you very much. I went with my best friend to the movies not too long ago, and he was getting us tickets, and he got us the child's prices! (in case you didn't know, you have to be, like twelve or under to get a child's price) And I was standing right there with him, and we got away with it! What the hell! That means the guy thought I looked twelve! Sigh...at least when I'm in my thirties, I'll look like I'm in my twenties still.

Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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