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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why do electronics hate me?

Hello, my name is Miss Eccentric, and I'm technologically impaired. I'm not proud of it, but its true. Every electronic device I've owned breaks. My Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Advanced SP, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS light, PSP, every old cell phone that I own, an old laptop that my brother gave me, and even the book light that I got no more than a month ago, and only used a few times, have all broken, for no apparent reason. Even my new laptop mini, that I got only a few days ago, broke. Of course, the return policy was still up, (because it was like four days into it, not sixty) so we got it exchanged for a new one. Now everybody insisted that it is not my fault that these things break, because I am very careful with everything, (except the DS, because that broke when I tripped over a hose, and it was in my purse, so I smashed it...) but despite the fact that I am very careful, (especially now that I know I tend to break things) things continue to break. I have, like, the worst luck ever when it comes to electronics. I have a socket right next to my bed that I plug my lamp into, (so I can read in bed) and even that has some kind of short in it, and I cant plug my lamp into it until we get it fixed. Which is why I was using a book light in the first place, and why it broke after only a week or so's use. I am very lucky that my camera has made it for almost eight whole month's, and my current cell phone has made it for a good two years (probably because I don't text). I hope my Netbook lasts for years to come, because if it didn't, I wouldn't be able to blog!
Here's hoping, Miss Eccentric.

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