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Saturday, March 6, 2010

One hundred reasons to blog

Happy 100th blog to me!!! Yes, you read right, this is my one hundredth blog post!!! For those of you (Mum, Dad, that's you!) who figured out my scavenger hunt without me telling them what to do the whole time, you already knew this, did you not? Because that's basically what all the clues led to. And sorry if my clues were a bit too difficult, but I wanted you to have to work to figure it out (or in my Dad's case, he had to literally be a genius to figure it out, and even then he had a hard time, hehe).
Anyway, moving on...I have decided to try and list a hundred reasons why everyone should blog, just so this one hundredth post of mine is extra special. So...Here goes nothing:

Reason number 100. Because blogging is just plain awesome in general.
99. Blogging is fun.
98. It's a good way to stretch your writing skills.
97. It's a good way to release your frustrations.
96. You can easily get your own opinion out there for others to see and share.
95. You can make friends easily by chatting up your followers and giving out good advice.
94. Helping others is just about the most amazing feeling in the world, and if your blog does that either with good advice, your own life story, or merely a good laugh, it's more than worth it to blog.
93. You can blog about anything. Really, I blogged about farts. Twice.
92. Gripping about random things is fun.
91. You can keep people informed on what's going on in your community.
90. When you're sick you can blog and it comes out sounding really funny the next day.
89. That's most likely the same if you were drunk (not that I've ever had an alcoholic drink. Come on, I'm only eighteen).
88. It's probably the only place on earth where grown people will actually listen to what a eighteen year old has to say, and actually think they're smart.
87. It's like therapy, only you don't have to sign your soul over as pay, and you don't have to listen to, "Hm...Okay, and how do you feel about that?" or "Interesting...And how does that make you feel?".
86. You can blog every day if you like.
85. You can blog once a year if you like (although if you do, your followers might get a bit peeved).
84. If someone does get peeved at you, you can tell them to take a hike and they can't do anything about it, because it's not like they can just punch you or anything.
83. If you aren't sure about something in life (like whether you should go out with the cute guy/girl at work, or what shoes you should wear to the prom, etc. etc.), you can ask advice in a post and chances are someone will help you out.
82. You can put pictures of your adorable kitty-cat's up (I so did that, don't judge me. They're really, really cute and I love them).
81. You can shout-out to people you know (hey BBB!), and they will see it if they read your blog.
80. You can spell things wrong and no one cares except me (I belong to the Spell-Check Police Academy, hehe just kidding. Sort of).
79. You can review things you like, such as books, movies, etc. etc.
78. You can post your own stories up, and it's not even that scary, 'cause no one is really mean about them.
77. You can review things that you don't like, no matter how controversial.
76. It's fun to try your best to confuse the crud out of people whilst blogging.
75. Blogging in a blog where blogs go is not not fun, but can also have not it's not perks when blogging on a none none blog on a site where you don't not blog to let others not see what your opinion isn't.
74. Having people laugh at your crazy phobias is quite healing. Although it most likely will not cure you of said phobias, unfortunately.
73. You can post about your life like a diary if you like.
72. It's a good way to keep in touch with long-distance friends.
71. You can add really cool gadgets on your blog, like a hamster, or fishies, or a quote generator, etc etc.
70. You can write about how much you like House all you want, and no one can stop you, muahahaha!
69. You can add a poll on your blog that can ask just about any question. Like, for instance, "Who is the hottest of hotties? (from my selection).
68. You can put a list of some of your favorite things, like books in my case.
67. You can advertise just about anything (like my other blog, The Power of the Word!!! Please follow me!!!).
66. You can attempt to make a list of one hundred reasons why everyone should blog.
65. And you can point out that you just typed 69, hehe (and act like an immature child in the process).
64. You can freak out and get all superstitious about typing "66".
63. Then you can remember that it's only bad when you type three sixes in a row.
62. You can randomly type-spout-out, "SQUIRREL!!!" any time you want.
61. You can put links up to other sites that you love and/or hate.
60. And then you can tell everyone why you love and/or hate said site.
59. You can brag about your kids, siblings, grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle, friend, cat, house, truck, computer, whatever, all you want.
58. You can post something twice if it tickles your fancy.
57. You can post something twice if it tickles your fancy.
56. You can talk about what you're going to do the next day.
55. You can annoy the crap out of complete strangers any time you feel like it.
54. Which is really, really my idea of fun, and I wish to be able to do it all day everyday, which is easy when having a blog at the ready.
53. You can spout random crap at random.
52. Peaches are not pineapples.
51. You can type as slow as you want, and no one has to know.
50. You can cheer till your voice gives out that you are finally halfway done!!!
49. Then you can grind you teeth and sigh because you know another 49 reasons is going to take forever.
48. You can gripe about having to go to the dentist after grinding your teeth.
47. You can ask people for ideas on what the hell kind of good reason they might have for blogging.
46. You can get no answer.
45. It's just plain awesome when people comment on your blog.
44. And if no one comments, you can comment on your own blog and it makes you feel slightly better.
43. You can go to other people's blogs and follow them.
42. And chances are they'll follow you in return.
41. And if they don't, you can annoy the crud out of them on their own blog till they do.
40. And if that doesn't work and they get annoyed at you and tell you to cut it out, you can stop following them.
39. And then you can boy-cot them on your own blog.
38. Hey, you might even find someone you "like" online while blogging.
37. Or you can reject anyone who "likes" you without feeling guilty, because they can't see you.
36. You could be a famous movie star and no one would know.
35. You can even pretend to be your own fan just so you could get accurate reviews of yourself from strangers.
34. If you're blind you can make the font really big.
33. Or if you wear glasses, no one has to know.
32. You can lie about your age. Not that I do, but sometimes I'm tempted to make myself older so people will take me more seriously.
31. You can use spell check. I swear it has saved my life in the past.
30. You can come up with seventy reasons why everyone should blog.
29. If you post pictures of ten really hot male actors, I guarantee your female/homosexual followers will go gaga.
28. Blogging is just plain interesting.
27. You can complain about movies that are completely disappointing compared to their book counterparts.
26. Blogs can make you cry. And not in a bad way, but in the good I-just-read-a-heart-wrenching-story-about-a-sick-child-who-pulled-through-and-is-now-an-Olympian-or-something kind of way.
25. When blogging, if you fart, you're the only one who will ever notice.
24. You don't have to get dressed up to blog.
23. In fact, you can wear your pajamas while blogging.
22. You can make your Mum laugh so hard her ribs hurt.
21. You can comment on how amazing you are for not mentioning just a moment ago that you just did your 23rd reason.
20. Then you can smack yourself in the head for mentioning it anyway, when you just said you didn't.
19. Then you can explain why it was that your 23rd reason was so important to not not bring up (because of the movie "The Number 23").
18. You can gross people out to the point of nausea, just with one sentence.
17. Or picture (and then not tell your readers what sentence it is that can gross them out so much).
16. If your writing is as awesome as mine you can give your readers a nice mental visual of you doing something really dorky (like slamming your knee on a doorway, yet for some reason having no idea how the hell you just did that).
15. You can end a blog with, "blog ya later" as much as you want.
14. You can skip a reason.
13. Or two.
12. You can pat yourself on the back for not mentioning lucky number thirteen.
11. Damn...Scratch that.
10. You can rhyme in a blog, even when you're in a fog.
9. No matter how stupid that rhyme was, you most likely will laugh at me anyway.
8. If no one laughs aloud at your blog, you never have to know.
7. Unless they say that in a comment, in which case you can delete said comment.
6. Woohoo, I almost didn't mention that the last reason was number six!
5. Oops...You can also retract that last statement, because the last reason before the last reason wasn't the sixth reason, but instead the next to sixth reason.
4. You can still be confusing, even when you only have four reasons to go!
3. God would want us all to have fun blogging.
2. My cute cat Joey blogs.
And the number 1 reason why everyone should blog? Because I said so.

Happy one hundredth blog day, and here's to at least one hundred more!!!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. This is a total afterthought: Not too long ago I found a site that had a widget thingy on it that said something along the lines of, "Congrats on your one hundredth blog!", but now I can't find it again, so I was wondering...If you run across something like that (a site which has a 100th blog post widget), let me know, and send me a link! If not, I guess I can keep trying to find it myself...


  1. Reason 101: Sometimes you stop and read other blogs (and your own blog can be that other blog for some other blogger). And you can like what you read and leave a comment.

    I'm saying I pretty much dug that list.

  2. Jeb- Hey thanks, it took a lot of extra special genius-like thoughts just to come up with 100 reasons why everyone should blog.