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Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mummy!

Happy Birthday my awesomely sweet, loving, funny and brilliant Mum!!!

I hope your day was wonderful, and here's to another (not going to actually say it on my blog, jeez I know better by now) however-old-you-are more years of fun!!!

Love ya, your baby girl Pumpkin AKA Miss Eccentric (and don't forget Joey too!!!).


  1. Chicken, you should have said how OLD, she is. Bauk Bauk Bauk, Why are we so hung up about our age, anyways. I say be proud, let people know, how old you are! I am 47, will be 48 in April. There I said It. Love ya BBB

  2. Hehe, I didn't say it 'cause I didn't have permission from Mum. And I didn't want to be killed in the middle of the night for saying it without her knowing...Just kidding, she wouldn't ACTUALLY kill me.
    ...Or maybe she would...