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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Golf ball mistresses

I told myself that I would not blog about Tiger Woods, because really, who cares about famous people? I certainly don't. But this is getting ridiculous, and if I don't blog about it now, I'll probably be the only one to not blog about it. But I don't really follow golf (even though it's a Scottish-made "sport". FYI, I put "sport" in parentheses because I think it was meant to be more of a hobby than a sport), so the only things I know about Tiger Woods is that he's supposedly really good at golf, and he cheated on his wife big time.

Anyway, now to the point of this blog: My big bro found the funniest thing online! A golf ball collection, with Tiger's many alleged mistresses' faces on them! I found this to be hilarious, myself, but apparently one or more of the mistresses is offended by these golf balls, and is making a big deal of it. I don't pretend to know the details, but I guess the mistress in question seems to think that hitting golf balls with mistresses' faces on them may be promoting abuse to women. "Huh?", you say? Well, you're not alone. I too think that this notion is quite ridiculous, and can't believe what a big deal those people are making about a joke item! I mean, come on! During Christmas, you can find little animal toys that poop Jelly Belly's, but do you see a bunch of kids running around pooping Jelly Belly's all over the place? No. So why would people all the sudden think it's okay to beat women just because there happens to be depictions of women on golf balls? I think those people are splitting hairs a bit there. I mean, if a man is going to beat a woman, he's going to beat a woman. And it's not going to be because of golf balls, it's going to be because that man is a total a-

Moving on...

Here's a bit of irony for ya: During Thanksgiving time, when his cheating came into the spotlight, Tiger's wife (Elin something) chased him out of his home with...Guess. Go ahead, guess what she chased him with. I'll wait. In fact, I'll make you squint at the screen to see the answer.

A golf club!!!

Hahahahahaaahhhaaaaaaaaa!!!! Is that not funny? Oh, the irony! This man makes a living playing golf, and his wife chases him down with a golf club!!!
(You thought you had me there, didn't ya?
"Hehe, I'm going to wait till she's done giving the answer, then she'll just talk about it and I won't have to squint and get my glasses to figure it out!"
I think not! I would not give you the pleasure of finding out so easily!!! Of course, you might be able to see that perfectly fine without the usage of glasses, unlike someone currently writing a blog...)

Okay, so that's all I really have to say about that cheating bastard, except for maybe...He's a cheating bastard!!!
(Sorry, but I just have a thing about people who cheat on their spouses. It gets on my nerves big-time)
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.


  1. Haha, good point! I actually think she was a blond, lol.

  2. Ha Ha Not even funny, I am blond and I would never do anything like that!! I think those woman just didn't have very high self esteems, they did no what they were doing when they had a affair with a married man, However I truly don't think we should dis blonds just because we can!!!! Plus there were some dark haired women also!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very, very true!!! I don't think having an affair with a man has anything to do with hair color, besides, I guarantee that none of those girls who were "blond" were ACTUALLY blond, but instead brunettes who bleach their hair. You go girl!!!

  4. Add-on to my last comment: Doesn't that make the BRUNETTES the dumb ones? I mean, they're the ones who bleached their hair so they looked like "hot blonds", and then had an affair with a MARRIED man, not the actual blonds themselves. Am I right, or am I RIGHT? Right.

  5. Did you know.... The science community just released their study showing that BLONDS are smarter than brunettes! Do you want to know why?, because we are relaxed about our looks so we can concentrate on any task that we set our MINDS to!!!
    And that does NOT mean married men!

  6. And THAT'S a fact. I saw it on the news with you.

  7. That was my point. I am blond too. She slept with a married celebrity and wants you to for get she's a slut. So she puts the golf balls with women on them, in the same category as abusing and beating of women! So you will forget what she did was not worth remembering! So sorry if I ruffled a few feathers, what ever color the feathers are. BBB