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Friday, March 12, 2010

Facebook Creep: Help me take him down!!!

Today I had some guy on Facebook try to set up a "meeting" with me. Are your ears ringing? Yeah, that would be the alarms in you head saying, "creep alert, creep alert! This guy is out to get you!!!"
Here's what happened: I was minding my own business online, trying to find some more blogs for my new Facebook group (MESGOB), and a Facebook chat thing pops up and it's this guy. He asked to be my friend a few days ago, and I -thinking nothing of it- accepted.
Anyway, this guy named Heart Hacker (I thought it was a joke name, not a creepy-Facebooker name! Don't judge me!) struck a conversation up with me, and it quickly went from "good morning" (according to his Facebook he lives in India, so although it's late evening here, it's morning there), to "If I came to California, would you meet with me?". That's when the siren in my head started wailing, and I knew this guy was a major creep. I mean, who asks to meet complete strangers after a simple "hey" on Facebook? Anyway, I immediately told this guy that "I don't meet with strangers", and then promptly closed the chat, making my way to his Facebook, canceling our "friendship" and blocking him at once. And all I can think is, "who does this creep think he is?"
I really wish I was close and personal friends with a police officer, because if I told them about this, I guarantee they would report this incident and possibly get this jerk in serious trouble. Although I'm not sure how the police would handle a situation like this if that guy is really all the way in India, since I'm pretty damn sure we don't have jurisdiction to arrest him. But I would like to at least scare the crap out of this guy, because if he doesn't get caught or at least scared, he'll just do it again to a more innocent, naive girl who will fall for his "friendliness".
So anyway, since I blocked this guy and am not friends with him, I don't have a way to post on his Facebook how creepy he is, so I was wondering...If what I've said is pissing you off as well, and you really hate it that people like him have access to the internet like they do, you can visit this jerks Facebook and leave a comment there, saying something along the lines of, "creep!" or "don't befriend him, he's a creepy jerk!". Or maybe you should just make up you own comment, since my suggestions are all me getting angry and not witty...Either way, here's a link, and let's all ban together to boycott this jerk! Just don't make friends with him, he might try to meet you in person and murder and/or rape you. Because what other reason could a complete stranger have for trying to meet up with a strange young woman? Jerk.
And hey Heart Hacker! If you're reading this, I have a message for you: You saw my Facebook picture? That's me demonstrating that I can KICK YOUR ARSE IF YOU TRY SOMETHING!!! Go ahead and try, I have a lovely Dad, Mum, Big Bro, Aunt, Uncle, Best Bud, and Best Bud's Mom who will kick you wherever I ask them to, including your downstairs!!! And don't think we won't hold you down and beat on you. Because we will, and we will also get away with it. Self defense is quite amazing in that respect.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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