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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The written word is a dying thing...

Sadly, it's true. Yes, books are very popular with some people, but most people don't like to actually read a proper book bound with paper and ink and everything, they just want to see a movie, or use an electronic device to read with. They even made an electronic book that can hold thousands of books in it. Now, yeah, I guess the concept of having thousands of books available to you with the touch of a button sounds cool, but I'd rather have a huge library filled to the brim with thousands of books that I can hold in my hands, that I can touch, see, smell (yes, smell. Have you ever smelled a book before? They all have a unique paper and glue smell to them). And I love all of that, the feel of a brand new book, versus the feel of a worn book, the smell of the paper and glue in the pages, even the fact that you have to weigh down a paperback with a paper weight so the front page doesn't turn up. But not many people enjoy the simple pleasures of reading like I do anymore, especially people around my age group. The only people you see now days who really like reading are "nerds" (hey, not teasing, just saying. And you could say that I'm kind of nerdy myself), and even then, they most likely prefer the electronic stuff that they can use to read.
Now, I hope to some day become a published writer, so this aversion to books is not in my favor. What am I going to do if no one wants to read novels anymore? When all society wants is a shortcut through life, and books are not included in these shortcuts?
Maybe it's a conspiracy. And yeah, I know. You've heard this one from me a lot. The "Oh, no! It's a big conspiracy to take over the world and torture and kill us all!", thing, but hey. You never know. What if they are trying to kill the old ways of reading from a bound book? What if they want all of us to use electronics for everything? What if they want us to turn out like that movie Wall-E, where all the humans sit in their hovering chairs and talk to each other on big screen thingies even though their friends are right next to them? What if they want us all to be lazy blobs who don't pay attention to anything around us so we don't notice that they are taking over the world? Or, better yet: what if they are trying to brainwash us with their electronic crap so we will be robot zombies who do anything they want us to do, and then we have to listen to everything they say mindlessly, and then they will send us after all the people like me who like things like paper or hardbound or leather bound books and try to turn me to the dark side, and if I don't follow I get tortured and killed? That could happen, you know. Since I don't like all that electronic stuff they might just come after me and lock me up in a nasty holding cell and electrocute me until I either give in or go crazy or die! They would do that, too. Electrocute me, I mean. Because that would be perfect irony right there. I refuse to give in to the electronic zombie crap so they electrocute me to death.
...Irony...Don't you love it?
Crap, now that I think about it, they might just come after me if I post this blog...But I must get the word out there! I must tell everyone to resist the elec-
Wait, what was that? Sorry, I thought I heard something on the roof...
Anyway, I must tell everyone to resist the electronic lures that the-
Wow, I heard a crash in the kitchen, and foot steps...I think they're coming! I better finish the message!
Resist the electronic lures that the government has been casting out to catch us all! We must not give in, we must fight against the electronic zombie army that threatens to invade!!! Carry this message forward to the next person, and we can keep the written word alive...!
Blog ya later, Miss Ec............................................................
P.S. I also wanted to make a shout-out to my friend Henatay, who has followed my blog and has just the other day created his own blog, which I will be posting a link to on my sidebar. Hey Henatay! Thanks for following me, and good luck in the future with your blog! Crap, they found my hiding sp...............................

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  1. Don't worry, I'm not dead. They caught me, but I escaped. I can continue to warn others like me, but you should too! (lol, none of that REALLY happened, you know)