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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon

Okay, so I just got back from seeing New Moon the movie a little bit ago, and I had to talk about it. When going into this movie, I was fully expecting to come back out with a head full of blog-able complaints, but I honestly can not think of any. This movie lived up to all my book-crazy-expectations of what I wanted, and I am pleasantly surprised. The last movie was somewhat disappointing in the fact that they left out several things that I would have wanted to see (for instance, when they have a blood-type test at their school, and Bella gets sick and Edward shows up to save the day, and he finds it so interesting that she can smell blood so well as a human. You would have to read it of course, to understand it fully, but I wanted to see that in the movie), but in this one, they did an extraordinarily good job keeping it true to the book. I could not find anything that I was disappointed about, except for maybe the audience, who screamed every time Edward walked into the room, and every time Jacob took off his shirt. That was a bit annoying, especially since I don't like Jacob at all, and can't stand all those team Jacob people. I mean, if they all had read the books and known what that Mutt had done, they might not be all team-Jacob-y (yeah, I know that is not a word in the slightest), would they? No. But whatever, they will all see that Edward wins in the next two movies. Anyway, I have created a poll at the bottom of my blog to see how you all feel about the movie, so don't forget to vote!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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