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Monday, November 16, 2009

The human mind is a wonderful thing

See if you can understand this:

My Anut Mray snet me an eamil not too lnog ago, and tihs was in it. It siad taht the hmaun mnid dnseo't hvae to see the ceorcrt silneplg of a wrod to raed it, taht all you nedeed to do was to put the fsrit and lsat ltetres in a wrod in the rgiht pacle, and yuor mnid wlil raed it jsut fnie. Seiduts sohw taht olny 55 plepoe in 100 can raed tihs. If you can raed and usdnernatd tihs you hvae a sgtrane mnid as wlel as I.

Ins't taht cool? If you can usdnernatd tihs, vtoe YES at the btotom of my bolg.
If you can not understand any of this, vote NO at the bottom of my blog.
Bolg ya ltear, Msis Enicectrc.

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