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Monday, September 27, 2010

House: Selfish

Okay, I hate to sound a bit repetitive here, but House was AWESOME!!!
Yeah, enough of that. Anyway, I really was happy with this episode! House and Cuddy told everybody about them being together, and that got a different and funny reaction out of everyone (Wilson didn't believe it at first, but then Cuddy kissed House, and that wasn't enough so in the end she had to put her hand somewhere private and the look on Wilson's face was priceless), and at first it was sketchy because House and Cuddy kept agreeing with each other over medical decisions even though they didn't really agree, but then they worked it out in the end by agreeing to be completely and brutally honest with each other about their opinions in the future. Which is good! They get to be happy about being a couple, and then they get to go to work and be exactly how they used to be with all the tricking each other and stuff to treat the patients! Which is fine with me because I always thought it was funny when House would come up with a crazy idea that Cuddy would turn down and then he would figure out a way to do it behind her back anyway. So...All and all, it was all good, and hilarious as usual, and I can't wait til next week!!!
So...That's all I got.
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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