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Monday, September 20, 2010

House is BACK!!!

Today is the season premier for House, my favorite TV show ever!!! I am so excited, I can hardly wait till later when our DVR records it and we can watch it! I just hope they don't totally ruin the whole show...'Cause the season finale from season six was great and all, but what if they mess with it? In case you didn't catch the season finale in question, House lost a very important patient, one he actually got real close to, and he was on the verge of going back to taking Vicodin because of it. You see, he quit his therapy because he tried doing everything the therapist said, but it didn't work. Everyone else in his life ended up happy, and with someone, but he was just as miserable. Wilson was moving in with Sam, and he kicked House out, and Cuddy was not only moving in with Lucas, but she had also become engaged with him, and she totally was a witch with a B to House saying that she didn't love him and that he needed to get over it. And then House's patient dies and the only thing he thinks that will make him feel better, is if he numbs himself with pain meds. So he was in his bathroom, about to take the pills, when Cuddy shows up and tells him that she broke it off with Lucas, and she wanted to take a chance and be with House. She also says the words, "I love you", and then House drops the pills on the ground and they kiss. It ends there, so they left us all thinking, "are they a couple now? Will they get married? What's next season going to be like with them together?". This worries me only because I have read that there are rumors that either House or Cuddy will die at the end of this last season, and that would greatly piss me off. And we're also not sure whether House is hallucinating again or not, so that's worrisome...I mean, House asked Cuddy if he was hallucinating, and she asked if he had taken the pills, and he said no, but does that really mean that it's real? It wouldn't be the first time they tricked us into thinking that Cuddy and House were together but then turned it around and said that House was hallucinating. But I don't know...Why would they go through the whole explanation that House didn't take the pills so therefore wasn't hallucinating if it wasn't true? I just don't want to watch this LAST season, and be completely peeved about it forever because they ruined it by saying that House was either dead or miserable in the end. But I also don't want them to change his whole character and make him all lovey-dovey with Cuddy twenty-four-seven, ya know?
Well, I guess I'll just have to wait till tonight to see what happens, eh? I'll try to post something about it after I watch it, so expect another post from me!
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.
P.S. Cross your fingers that the episode is epically awesome!

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