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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stop those bastards from killing our whales!!!

Did you know that very soon the International Whaling Commission will be having their annual meeting, and are going to try and overturn the ban on commercial whaling? Yeah, they're trying to make a deal to allow Japan, Norway and Iceland to legally kill whales again. Does this not surprise anyone else besides me? Does this not horrify you? And to top it all off, the US Commerce Department representatives of the Obama Administration are backing this, and trying to make a deal with the whalers. This is ridiculously absurd in my eyes. I can't believe that our own government is even thinking of making such a deal with anyone. Do they not realize that the very existence of whales and dolphins is endangered even now, when it's supposedly "illegal" to kill them? And what about the proof that we have from that show Whale Wars that clearly shows the illegal killing of whales on video, yet we still do nothing about it? I mean, don't they ever think that maybe we want the next few generations (my future children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) to know what a real whale looks like in the wild? Because at the rate we're going, they will never get to know what it's like to have a pod (or whatever they're called) of dolphins swim next to their boats, or witness a great big whale splash it's fin in the water so close that their boat rocks. I have not yet had that pleasure, but I pray that one day I will still have the chance to, and my fears are that that won't happen. That I will never see a whale in person unless it's in an aquarium. And that sickens me. So I have decided to leave a link here to a petition that you may sign on Facebook, if you happen to agree with me. Don't let them win. Don't let them slay those proud beasts of the sea.

Alright, all dramatic cause speech aside, I think I've got my point across here. So click here to sign the petition. But act quickly, because the petition closes June 22nd.
Blog ya later, Miss Number 6,460 On The Petition.

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