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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's hard being a vegetarian...Hold the fish.

Okay, so I'm not a vegetarian, but my mom is. A few years back (wow, quite a while ago now that I think about it), my mom got sick from eating at a friend's (no longer a friend) house. It was like, the stomach flu or something, and she just couldn't eat anything but vegetable soup for the longest time. When she finally felt good enough to attempt to eat meat again, she got sick, again. She could no-longer digest the meat, turns out, because she's allergic to something in the meat (I don't pretend to know what exactly it is that she's allergic to). So ever since then she became a vegetarian, and can not eat any kind of meat again.
Now, back to the subject at hand: It's hard being a vegetarian. I mean (for instance), if you go somewhere out to eat, you have to check everything on the menu until you find something that says "vegetarian" or "vegi" in the name, and even then, you have to ask the waiter/waitress if that has chicken stock in it, or else you might get sick later because they forgot to warn you that even though they put "vegetarian" on the menu, they didn't actually mean vegetarian! And what if you want fast-food? Not that we usually eat fast-food much, because it's really not good for you, but what if we're in a rush and want a burger? Okay, so a lot of places have adopted the "vegi-burger" idea, but get this: You can buy a burger for one dollar at some places, but a vegi-burger is more like five to eight dollars, way more than the meat. Wait, there's more: Meat costs the fast-food companies more to buy than the veggies do. What?!?! That's right, veggies are cheaper to grow and therefore buy, but they are more expensive than meat once they're made into a burger. That does not make sense at all, does it? No. I don't get it...Veggies are easier to grow in large quantities than meat is to breed, but everywhere you go (whether it be out-to-eat, or in the grocery store), vegetables are high-priced, and meat not so much. It seems backwards to me. Or how about when you tell someone you are a vegetarian (this has happened several times to my mom, and still happens with strangers and certain family members), it always goes like this (we'll just call the person my mom is talking to in this instance Anonymous):
Anonymous: "So you don't eat any meat? What about fish?"
Mom: "I don't eat anything with a face."
Anonymous: "So you don't eat fish?"
Mom: "Do fish have faces?"
And yes, it actually goes like that. Exactly like that, several different times. It never ceases to amaze me when someone asks those exact questions, especially when it is a family member, multiple times. My dad's mother does that. Every time we see her, and we go out to eat or something, she always asks if my mom can eat fish, or cheese.
My moms answer: "Cheese does not have a face, so I can eat it. Fish does have a face, so I can't eat it."
And she never seems to get it...As does all the other anonymous people who ask the dreaded question, "What about fish?"...
Blog ya later, Miss Eccentric.

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